Re: October 14, 2008

Our federal election is quickly approaching.  By now you should have received your voting card.  Please ensure that your address and name is correct.  Also, you will need to provide identification to vote on October 14, 2008.  Documentation was recently mailed to you from Elections Canada that lists the types of acceptable identification.

And now a partisan political plug…Go Nathan Go! :smiley:

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Thanks Hitest for the reminder, we are so lucky to live in a country where we are not prosecuted by our Neighbors for a political view.
And yes Go Nathan Go!  :smiley:

You are very welcome, astro!  Agreed.  The freedom to vote without the fear of retaliation from others is a wonderful thing.  Canada is a great country.

An addition to the info about identification required to vote.

Should any of you know people with inadequate identification and/or no proof of residence (i.e. homeless, couch-surfing, etc), please let them know this bit of info…

Homeless people can vote, provided they have a voter registered in the same riding, who will vouch for them. They cannot register in advance, it has to happen on E-Day - best bet would be Advanced Polls.

No fixed address does not mean ENTIRELY voiceless - it is just harder to be heard.

Our “Some Candidates Meet” on Sunday turned into an hour of straight talk by Nathan when the Liberal sacrificial lamb had trouble finding the meet.
It was interesting to note the make up of the small turnout, a LOT of business people and former hard-core Tories who see the writing on the wall in this riding anyways.
Nathan re-assured mill owners that the Softwood Deal would not get instantly shredded by Jack Layton, there’s a built in method to end it and restart talks, and warned the US is already lawyer-ing up to whine about what we have.
He also pointed out that no one here is making a profit, so the ‘rise’ in corporate taxes is not much to complain about.

I had to do my part and mention that CPC’s Sharon Smith didn’t attend as we’ve all seen way more of her than anyone wanted to…

I hear Sharon Smith is avoiding the all candidates meeting.  True?

I also heard she dropped in to Tim Hortons and someone told her that the pictures on the internet didn’t do her justice. She had no response, I don’t think.

Re Sharon Smith

In all fairness, her daughter’s exboyfriend hacked into her personal computer and downloaded the pictures.  I don’t know much about Sharon Smith, but my hat is off to her to jump into the ring trying to put all of this behind her.  Yes she may have made a judgement in error as has everyone, but is this mistake is far less than Gordo and his drunk driving conviction? I would say a definite YES

I think that the whole thing is funny, and while it’s an unfortunate and awkward bit of comedy, I also think that it is completely unrelated to her ability to perform as a politician.

Not that I’m voting for her or anything, but it would be like saying that someone wouldn’t make a good doctor because they got a speeding ticket, or that they wouldn’t make a good teacher because they listen to rap music.

well I dunno listening to rap music and then teaching, gotta be some kind of bad judgment thing happening there don’t you thinkg? :imp:

Beat the rush - Advanced Polls on Friday Oct 3, Sat Oct 4 and Mon Oct 6.

If you know anyone leaving town on October 14 (General Election Day) remind them to vote before they go.

Prince Rupert Advance Polls at Elections Canada - on 3rd Ave West - across from Java Dot Cup.

I would say YES too, but I’m so goddam liberal I think driving on DMT is almost as dangerous as on Starbuck’s Doubleshots.
If you’re truly conservative there’s nothing nastier than being naughty-naked-nude hanging your filthy sordid genitals out with the lights on!
Hell I’d advise her to capitalize on it: Sharon MILF Smith for MP

That would make a great lawn sign! :smiley:

Elect another Tory (strategically placed arrow) to Ottawa…

Here we go again.  Those who don’t work, or perhaps can’t work will spent Oct. 14 finding the rest who don’t work, or can’t work, and making sure they get to the polls.  The rest who are busy working that day can’t do that with their friends who are also busy working.  No wonder we always end up with the NDP.  Let get smart this time and not have an MP who isn’t with the majority - or at least with one of the two major parties.

With respect, that’s a bit simplistic. 

You’re basically saying that the NDP win this riding because unemployed people encourage other unemployed people to vote?  And that employed people can’t vote, because they are working?

Can you give us an example of a working person who cannot make it to the polls for 5 minutes because of work?  Or can’t mail in a ballot?

It’s a democracy, and the candidate who receives the most votes wins, right?

Of course, employed people vote.  Most of them, I would think.  However, they don’t have time to get out and find those who haven’t and drag them to the polls, with a promise of a cup of coffee, a cigarette, or who knows? 

I worked mega hours for the last federal and last provincial election for my chosen candidate, and I watched how the system works. 

This time I’m sitting back and watching.  My excuse?  I was away on holidays when the election was called, and I will be away on election day.  Hard to get the same enthusiasm going as in the past.

How about giving an example of someone working that can’t vote?
Like a sworn statement that their employer failed to give them time off to vote so we can BUST the employer and name the dupe who’s either gutless or thinks business can break the law because their THE BOSS.
The polls close at 8:00 pm, so you must be let off work by 4:00 pm or allowed fair time during the day. If you work shifts, your time is within 4 hours of polls opening or time off during the work day.
I kick my employees out at 4:00 pm (not required to pay the time) unless they swear they voted in an advance poll.
-> Fair time to vote is recognized as 1 hour by most civilized employers.

I’m all for a blank spot on your voter card that they stamp when your ballot goes in the box, and you attach it to your tax return and get a $50 or $100 tax credit. That way you don’t get punished for not voting (like in countries with mandatory voting) , you get rewarded for participating in the democratic process. No claims of religious or philosophical discrimination that way.

We get to go down and vote on company time.

Nice.  I’ll vote just before work (8:30 a.m.).

Polls on October 14 - General Election Day - open at 7 am and close at 7pm.

Advanced polls are on:
Friday, October 3 from 12pm til 8pm
Saturday, October 4 from 12pm til 8pm
Monday, October 6 from 12pm til 8pm.

There is EVERY reason that EVERYONE (who is eligible) CAN vote.