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Wow!  I knew the NRA loves its guns, but I didn’t think they were quite that racist.  I do like the terror chicken though, and I think the Pentagon is now looking into using owls as suicide bombers.

ooooh gnarly !

Cool.  I’ve always known that the NRA is a collection of right-wing, gun-toting nut-jobs. :smiley:

Hmm… I don’t know here… first, I’ve heard The Wonkette has some pretty creative views sometimes.  No where did it actually say Jew, it was just sorta implied.

Now perhaps the NRA has some ideas of their own, and maybe some of the member are pretty fanatical, and even you have some pretty bent ideas that guns are the roundworms of America…

…but like, anyone ever look at the stats of guns per population here in Canada?

Forget the cities. People are gonna get cranky when you jam 'em into a tight space.

I’m not exactly sure who the “you” is you are referring to in your post, but I’d like to answer some of your points;
Like you said, nowhere was the word “Jew” used, but in the images shown, all the people that are being assaulted are white and all the assailants are people of colour.  Just because no words were used to name specific groups of people doesn’t mean that there was no racism.  It was pretty clearly shown in the images.

You also mention the gun ownership stats in Canada.  I am well aware that we own more guns per capita than the people of the United States do.  I guess the difference comes in our attitudes towards the use of those guns. 

I still think the terror chicken rocks.

why we can have more guns and less violence…

You know what gets me down?

That things like evolution and climate change are still up for debate in the US.


There was a really cool documentary about how the people hired by the American tobacco industry to push the “jury’s still out, there’s no scientific evidence” line about the harmful side of smoking.

The cool thing about the documentary?  Oil companies have hired the same people to push the “jury’s still out, there’s no scientific evidence” line about climate change.

Prince Rupert’s average sea-level has risen almost a foot since 1950.

Heh, I’m glad I live in the Pineridge area…it should be a decade or two before water laps at my doorstep.  On a serious note I read on /. that a huge chunk of ice broke away up North.  The World is definitely warming!

You’re lying! You’re not a scientist! We have hundreds who’ll say otherwise and we pay them way more than you earn, so they must be smarter than you.
Besides, you’re a “known leftist” so everything you say is invalid.

BTW- Thank You For Smoking…

I know I’m not a scientist…but…I’m not stoopid.  Besides it is getting warmer dood…Dr. Phil on Oprah explained it all clearly to me, he used small words too.
ur welcome…but…ah don’t smoke…dood.

rent the DVD… :smiley: