Re: no shake up at credit union?

I guess nothing changes its a real shame.

Now you know how the rest of us feel when it comes to the same old, same old.

Expecting some monumental changes or something?

Yes in there hr dept.

The Credit Union has a Home Renovations department?

In there queen diva dept.

“their” not “there”

Is this a sexist remark?

Credit Union’s done alot in this community. Just because a few isolated incidents cause problems with a few - it doesn’t negate the massive positive effect they have on this community.

There is a client-lender obligation everyone has as well and if your gripe is about that then perhaps you should join this thing called “reality.”

Please provide details to make this comment clearer.

Besides this comment about ‘changes’, you used the term ‘diva’, which could be viewed as dismissive and other non-complimentary possibilities.

What are you driving at?  Just trying to understand.

Ajaye, You really need to learn the difference between there, thier, and they’re. dumbass.
WTF are you talking about here? Or are you just trying to senselessly stir up shit once again?
You really should be carefull, you know what they say about the man who lives in a glass house should not throw stones. Many of us taxpayers would like to see a ‘shakeup’ as you put it in the 'braindead, waste of space ’ division of the city’s recreation department.

They know what they did and i will never forgive them.

What up AQ?. Wouldnt they give you an advance on your keno ticket you won on?

Love the community…all of the community.

Give all people a chance and don’t judge only upon sex and race. 

sounds like your jealous chookie.

“you’re” or “you are” not “your”

and “a lot” not “alot”

dailymews in “obsessive compulsive”

People who post senseless stuff like this, purely to inflame, deserve no respect. Post something for discussion or keep it to yourself.

“is” not “in”

sigh yes, you are correct.  Guilty as charged.  But please try to use the language as it was intended.

Back to the topic at hand.

It would appear that someone hates certain segments of the Canadian society and wishes them to not have employment within PR. 

Why is that, ajaye?

Lets leave this alone know its not fair to the folks who are nice and fair
and care about outher peoples feelings.