Re: New Years eve

I need suggestions for booze. I already have all of my regulars lined up for tomorrow night and still have a $50.00 gift certificate to the liquor store.  What I want is something sweet and yet powerful anyone have any suggestions?

Eso I know you are going to suggest scotch and no. No 151 either.

Well I would most certainly suggest a nice bottle of Johnny Walker Red Label , if I had money I would go for a Johnny Walker Black Label. I think it is a very worthwhile sip. So I see Eso also Has a great taste as well. Where does one find Eso anyway?

A nice sweet liquer that I’d recommend is the Maple Syrup Liquer.  It’s about $37 a bottle and was locked up the last time I bought it so you may have to ask for it.  It’s a good sipper.

I’d ask some nice “high maintenance” North American girls to suggest something for you, I’m sure they would have just the right drink for any occassion eh! :imp:

[quote=“Justin Case”]Where does one find Eso anyway?

Somewhere between my last drink and my next one.

I’ve been drinking Lucky almost exclusively lately. Also been hitting the port a bit, and have been known to drink my share of the red wine.

My go-to is Jackson Trigg’s merlot, though I’ve also been enjoying Cline’s zinfandel (Cline is Californian, I think).

If you wanna get the girls drunk, get orange flavoured coolers.  Hard Mikes or other similar brands.  They taste like juice and pack a punch.

And if you have ONE, you’ll show your ‘caring, feminine side’ and you’ll be stone sober while their pissed and pleased…

any more secrets lol


Gin and juice and redbull and Jaeger

Beer for me tonight.  Happy New Year, HTMF! :sunglasses:

Amarula over ice.


I ended up getting a bottle of stoli, caramel baileys and an 18 pack of kokanee.  Should make for some nice mixes with all my other booze.

baileys on the rocks, sourpuss, gin, rum, smirnoff twist coolers, peach snaps…
you get the point, all very fruity or mild in alcohol flavor yet they do they trick  :smiley: :smiley:
HAPPY NEW YEARS EVERYONE :smiley: :smiley:

So the gf works in the local bar and was onshift last night, they had a New Years Eve dinner going. I drive from a party on the other side of the lake to fetch her, thinking it would be cool to walk into the bar at the stroke of midnight and plant a kiss on her.
So I pull into the parking lot at 5 to midnight to discover. IT"S CLOSED AND EVERYONE HAS GONE HOME.
So I roll on towards the ZOO thinking at least the staff went out to celebrate. 3 cars in the lot and only 1/2 dozen regular winos inside. The Legion? I roll up the street to find IT DIDN’T EVEN OPEN FOR NEW YEARS EVE.
She’d been trying to call me since 9:30 pm when all the customers went home, but the cell phones here don’t work on the other side of the lake.
Believe it or not the party I was at earlier was at friends who are Alcohol & Drug counsellors and was the most fun social event I was at in all 2007.