Re: New season of IT Crowd

Much as I hate resurrecting a dead thread… But better than starting a new one:

New Season of The IT Crowd started tonight, and it’s just as hilarious as ever, defiantly worth a download when it makes it online :smile:

new season of the IT Crowd…

And there was me resurrecting an old thread, just to say exactly the same thing :smile:

Watching it right now, funny schtuff.

Episode one is out there on the intertubes

Watched episode 2 last night.  Funny!  Computer nerd uses website to sound like he knows all about football.

The worst thing about that? When they start talking about football, they get my accent… AND I CANT STAND FOOTBALL!!!

But still, damn funny :smile:

Are you havin’ a laugh?

I watch a lot of the Spanish Liga, but I agree with you that English Football sucks :wink:

One of the best shows on the BBC these days. I had to post this link.