Re: Natural Selection and Humans

After the talk of natural selection and those brown recluse spiders, I got to thinking about humans, and, does anyone think natural selection is becoming extinct in humans?

I mean, think about it, with animals, if you’re too slow or too dumb, you’re dead.  With humans, if you’re too slow you get a personal trainer to get you fit or you give up and move around in a powered scooter thing.  If you’re too dumb, you go to special schools and get special help to bring you up to speed.  I mean, it’s good in so many senses, but at the same time it gives some people an excuse to just stop trying and take the easy route.

“Hmm… I can get off my ass and work of this winter fat… OR… I can sit here and watch Maury, eat Oreos, and order a scooter so I can move myself around town when my leg muscles disappear.”

With this, these people are going to reproduce and infect their children with the same slack-ass mentality, feed them fast food, and overpopulate the world with slobs.  And when these slobs get super fat and their bodies start to shut down, they go to a hospital and get fixed up with new technology before going home and smoking a pack of cigarettes and start going downhill again.

Of course, there are the active and/or smart humans who do good for their communities, regions, provinces/states, countries, and the world and these represent the other half of the population (and I can say for the most part people on here are pretty damn smart), but that’s not that much of the population.

Has this ever crossed anyone elses mind?

No matter how smart any individual thinks he or she is, or how smart we are as the human race… WE KNOW NOTHING.  Natural selection will take its toll… it might not be happening right in your neighborhood, but, take a look at Africa for example… Thousands of people die every day, due to starvation or other human illnesses such as AIDS.  Even at that, there will be something catastrophic in our life time that will wipe out a good portion of the human race (IE nuclear war).  Think about it… is it not natural selection if the Americans “accidentally” set off a nuclear bomb killing thousands, or even millions?

As strange as it may sound I kind of look at the human race as a virus that is attacking a cell ( the Earth). The universe is so vast and is full of unknowns. Delirious is right, we know nothing. With our pollution and the way that we are damaging our environment I feel that it is only a matter of time before the Earth’s immune system will clean us out. Not much different than an inflamation on our own body. :astonished:

Thats exactly what I think.  We are nothing more than a plague to this planet… and the planet will evolve eventually to rid of us.

So in order to survive, we must destroy the planet?

Thats exactly what I think. We are nothing more than a plague to this planet… and the planet will evolve eventually to rid of us.[/quote]

… Mister Anderson.

Almost along the lines of the Theory of Gaia. Not quite but kinda reminded me of it.