Re: My First Time!

I heard wolves howl for the first time tonight!  Since before I moved up here, I’ve been wanting to hear/see some wolves!  What an eerie sound!  They sounded pretty far away though.  My best guess is that they were somewhere on the rushbrook trail.  How exciting!

ya seen that and seen some at the bottom of the mountain just walking around

Yeah I heard 'em howling up by jamaica avenue :neutral_face:

really? I walked through there at around 5 today. Would suck to run into them suckers.

wow i better round these animals up i love wolve but when  they grrr at me then its time to put them down

I thought this thread was about your “first time”.

i waswaiting for someone to turn this thread to the “first time” lol

You heard wolves? Are you sure they weren’t dogs?

I saw a lone wolf following a lady with two dogs early on Tuesday morning down Wantage road…when he saw me (in a vehicle) he buggered off into the bush. 

interesting I have yet to see or hear a wolf in this town I have been to the bottom of the mountain before but have never run into a wolf other then my self being forn the wolf tribe. seen them a few time aound douglas channel though my father calls him lone wolf he used to track wolves when he was traveling with a sail boat they were doing a survrey on wolves was awsome I have both of those books one come with a dvd just how majestic and beautiful those creatures are its unbelivable I dont know what I wold do if I ever came face to face with one its hard to say

I live in the Pineridge area so I’ve been a bit spoiled with wolves.  We can hear them once in awhile, very lovely to listen to.  I had one run across my back yard one day.  On an early morning stroll down Park Avenue I saw two big wolves cross the asphalt quite near to me…scared the beejeezus out of me:-)

I can hear them right now howling away.  Sounds like there at the cemetery ( just behind my house )  Had to make sure all the animals were inside.  Hopefully there hunting deer.  It’s pretty loud so I know there close.

thats a mating call j go get em :wink:


wow i mean you all hear wolvse or i cant pet them  wow i can get you to  loook at them and be brave enough to pet them  PPL    IN THIS TOWN  DONT BELIEVE
I SELL WOOD AND WELL ITS a ts all native




exactly lol

                    If you speak the way you write, you would be out of breath, so at least you could not run away (do not run from a wolf!).  Are you using a keyboard without a period or a comma  :angry:  ?

I dont think many people in this town really need firewood as most people here have a gas/electric furnance not a wood stove, am I right ppl? I know a few people who have woodstoves but they should be stocked up by now since its Febuarary. Its not summer time either so I really doubt people will be out camping. Good luck on selling wood though man.

Back to topic now. I am always out at the bottom of the mountain and have NEVER seen a wolf. There are times where I feel like I am being watched which is really creepy but thats about it. I really would like to run into a couple while driving.

lol i decided to lay  on the back of my truck and listen to them last night  at the bottom of the mountain and what happens next lol one shows up and walks around my truck lol i just layed there quiet for 3 min lol