Re: My Arcade update

well Im in the process of updating my arcade cabnet, Getting rid of the 25’ TV and inserting a 22’LCD with a lazy susan so I can play those vertical Games like packman. I also updated the light guns to TOPGUN LCD light guns. and bought the side art for my cab. I still have a few things i want to install on it like a plunger for pinball and some more LCD Lights.     

My mother board blew out last month so I decided to do abit more upgrading. you can find out more about it here.

[original attachment deleted after 2 years]

When it’s done, we should have an HTMF event at your place!

I played Astrothug’s old arcade system, it was freaky that it triggered all kinds of memories just playing those old games.

What games use the motorcycle controller?

ya I always dreamed of owning my own, I spent many quarts in the local arcades around the different towns i lived in. the memory of the music, lights, sounds is something I will never forget.

and having hundreds of thousands of games installed is a bonus. many hours of enjoyment.

Ya a retro games night sounds cool, hehe :smiley:

I want to be your new friend.

after I finish with the cab I’m going to build one of these, its just the arcade controllers with the computer inside, for portability.

anyone else interested in doing this?

[original attachment deleted after 2 years]

So like all you’d need would be a display?  That would be a lot easier, right?

Hey, so the motorcycle thing in your photo – what games do you use that for?  Does it work well?

Ya you can hook up to TV, LCD or high def TV or monitor, so ya its a lot easer to build. the motorcycle works with all racing games but its more better with GT type games. It uses this interface. as it has pots so u need a converter board like this to interact with the computer.

if you want portable why not get a xbox and put mame on it

Kind of defeats the purpose I would think.

It’s more about the expirience is it not?

thats right bubbasteve735, building is so much fun.

as for the Xbox you could build a arcade controller for it but most people dont. i was thinking about building something easy for my daughter big buttons big stick and it could interface with the sony PS2 but instead I’m going to build something like the above. Donkey Kong, Pacman, Digdug are games she could play in a year or so, I rather her play games like that instead of a realistic shooting games. plus Whatever you can do with the  Xbox or PS2, PS3 I can do with my box,

guitar hero I can do that with frets on fire. and have done it.
DDR I can do that with stepmania. and have done it.
karaoke machine can do that too. and have done it

all those programs are free and with a little bit of searching you can download the songs.

insert quarter to play… :smiley:

Very cool stuff, astrothug!! :sunglasses:

damn thats a cool hobby

This is a really cool hobby :neutral_face:

Put a quarter in there? Can I have it back afterwords?

HEHE YA i Have a button near the quarter slot the simulates quarters being dropped, I just ordered my guitar hero for the PC and have over 500 songs for it. I’m going to hook up the drums from the PS2 to it and have a drum machine too…

fricken over kill… I tell ya

guitar hero for pc is crap, theres lag, Playing with lags sucks.  You can calibrate it but other songs will still be off.  If your playin it off a lcd monitor its even going to be worse

you sure its not your computer thats crap?

Well I think we all know who isn’t going to be invited over to play EVER. :laughing:

What a killjoy.

Billy it works fine and its a lot of fun; u talk out your ass on stuff u don’t have a clue on dude!!!

It’s alright Astro,
Just don’t invite him over to play.