Re: More stuff for sale

After some pretty good luck selling some stuff a couple weeks ago, I’ve got some more:

Nintendo64 w/games $45

27" CRT Citizen TV $100

Sony Playstation w/games $25

Thanks for looking!

TV is sold!

:astonished: wow  :astonished:
a 64 is so anchient compared to the game systems they have out now!!!
MAN, i want a nitendo, the original, i like the super but nothing like the original  :smiley:

Yeah, remember having to blow into the cartridge because the game wouldn’t load properly?

HaHA…man, that always use to make me sooooo mad…
but i LOVED the duck shooting one, the one with the gun…
that was fun :smile:

I have an original NES but I’m not parting with it.  If you really want to play one, try downloading an emulator.

No need to download:

Gaming PC $1100.00