Re: Life on Mars US version

Ah crap, ABC killed Life on Mars, I thought it was the most refreshing new show on television in the last few years… Maybe it should have gone to HBO instead, they seem to appreciate the unusual…

Ah well I’m sure it just makes more room for reality shows and some other version of the never ending talent shows we seem to be suffering through…

Laments for the now expired…

Unfortunately, I missed that show but I did hear it was a good one…I just have a question as to what is going to happen to all the 10PM NBC shows when Jay Leno moves to that time slot…Is that going to be a nightly show as is now on late night or what, just curious as there is some good programming on at that hour now, where will those shows go  ?  When does all this start, I know Fallon has taken over Conans’ show ( I think?), Conan moving to Jays’ and Jay to 10…  God, I need a life  :confused:

Well, ABC might look east again for more “original” series, since their version of ‘Life on Mars’ was a remake of a UK series. Vastly different endings but still, the Brits did it first and it was a critical hit over there that has spawned off a second series called,“Ashes to Ashes”, which is about to air it’s second season later this month. I’m kind of hoping that ABC can do something a little more original though, perhaps import some of the writing talent from over there and come up with something really new?

Don’t say they killed it… that was fantastic!
And unlike the typical Yank “steal a Brit show, water it down and drag it on forever” it did it’s run, each episode was great, and it came to a final conclusive ending.
With no puppies, flags, or maudlin tears.

I didn’t see the original series, so I almost jumped out of the chair over the ending.
Wow! Superb series!
And seeing that right after Lost… well I really hope they can match that. We’ll find out in another year.

As I mentioned earlier, the US ending is NOTHING like the original ending…but I’m glad you enjoyed it!

Just finished watching the UK version and it was great!

I enjoyed their ending better than the US one.