Re: Laptop battery life

Computer: iBook 1.2 GHz, ( May 2005)
Problem:  Battery gives less than an hour autonomy.
Recente repairs:  DC board replaced
Question:  Is there a link between the two?

The computer wasn’t used for about two months before the repair happened.  Before the repair, the battery would last at least 3 hours.  There is about 220 cycles on the battery.  Right after the DC board was put in ( by a professional approved Apple tech), the battery would not last an hour.
So two things seem to be causing this:
  a)  There is something weird about the new DC board or the repair.
  b)  The battery not being used for two months.

Any ideas?  I will bring it back but I would like some other experts to give me an idea too.

Check the number of cycles:

ioreg -w0 -l | grep CycleCount

and this will give you some more info on your battery:

ioreg -w0 -l | grep Capacity

I am the grepmaster ®.

I’m not sure about the exact English terminology used here but basically it is
Battery installed: yes
First warning of low level: no
Capacity of full charge : 926
Capacity left 558
Current intensity 500
Voltage 12525
Cycle count 205

Right now, it is not charging well at all. It’s been at 60% for ten minutes and the led stays yellow/green instead of orange.  I am bringing it in next week for sure.

“IOBatteryInfo” = ({

so should i believe that my battery when new could hold 5400 , and now it can hold at max 3478 ? so its like at 64% of newness ? ps mine is a 17" powerbook, a little over a year old.  mig do you know offhand how many cycles you can expect out of a battery ?

All batteries are different, and all cycles are different, but you can expect abut 200-300 cycles on average per Lithium Ion battery.

The unfortunate thing is that there is so much folklore and myth surrounding batteries that people abuse them, thinking they are somehow saving them.

The best thing for a lithium ion battery is to keep it plugged in.  If you need to use the battery for 5 minutes, plug it in again when you’re done.  Simple enough, you’d think.  But you’ll hear a lot of people give you different advice.  A lot of this advice begins with “I heard that …” or “the guy at Futureshop said…”  It’s all bullshit.

A cycle is usually half-discharge or more, depending on the battery.

I had an iBook battery, but I think I gave it away.  Let me check.

Oh, and BigThumb, you could try resetting the Power Management Unit:

As a comparison, here’s my Macbook (almost a year old) :

“CycleCount” = 123

    | |          “CurrentCapacity” = 4659
    | |          “LegacyBatteryInfo” = {“Capacity”=4671,“Amperage”=0,“Cycle Count”=123,“Current”=4659,“Voltage”=12542,“Flags”=5}
    | |          “MaxCapacity” = 4671
    | |          “DesignCapacity” = 5020

I did the pmu reset already.  I’ll try it again.

Edit:  I just did it again.  In the instruction, it says:  press control, option, shift and power at the same time.  then wait 5 seconds, then press power to restart.  However, it restarts when the first operation is done ( as soon as I hit power with the three other keys pressed.)

make sure the machine is off… then with your right hand press P with your pinkey finger then r with your index finger then use your thumb to hold apple option ( keys beside keybaord side by side ) then with yuor left hand press the ibook’s power button hold these keys down with your right hand till it bongs 5 times then let off.


Jason you’re confusing PRAM with PMU. 

Here are the instructions for the PMU reset (on the ibook, anyway):

  1. If the computer is on, turn it off.
  2. Reset the power manager by simultaneously pressing and then releasing Shift-Control-Option-Power on the keyboard. Do not press the fn (Function) key while using this combination of keystrokes.
  3. Wait 5 seconds.
  4. Press the Power button to restart the iBook computer.

So… turn off the computer.  Press shift, then control, then option.  Hold those three and press the power button.

Try this with the battery in or out, might make a difference.

Check out these two places for more info on iBook/Powerbook batteries: … 6080758616


My mistake sorry,

    | |  |  |    “IOBatteryInfo” = ({“Capacity”=926,“Amperage”=18446744073709550635,“Cycle Count”=205,“Current”=627,“Voltage”=11987,“Flags”=4,“AbsoluteMaxCapacity”=4400})

So capacity is 926,  Absolute maximum is 4400.  I don’t know if it means anything but I got this result when the battery was at 65%

[quote]The first entry, capacity, should be above 3500 on a normally functioning battery. If you see a number below 1000, your battery is likely only lasting for one half-hour to one hour under normal operating conditions.

Well, when I’m examining a car battery at work, the “official” rule is that you can not perform a conclusive diagnosis unless it is fully charged.

At full charge, the results were the same as what I posted above.  I guess this battery is done!

Now you can perform your God given duty as a consumer!

The battery for my 15" Macbook Pro pretty nearly died completely.  Despite being plugged in 95% of the time, the battery life started to deteriorate rapidly a few months ago.  It’s being replaced right now, and the screen is being looked at as well as it would stay dim on the left side after awakening the computer from sleep or even just the auto-dim.

Looks like getting the Applecare protection plan will be a good idea considering it didn’t take too long for the problems to occur.

Perfect timing, too.  I’ve got work to do for a local company as well as a film producer in Vermont, and had to pass up some work due to my lack of a computer.

Here is an update of my MacBook Pro’s battery life after 1yr 8mo.

Is this a tragedy, or do these numbers add up to what should be expected?

I don’t know if this makes any deal, but I’m using a North American bought computer Full-Time in Europe (110V vs 220V).  Also, as you can see by the CycleCount, I hardly ever use the laptop without wall plug-in…

Current Status of Battery life:  Dead within 15 minutes of removal from power source…

** CycleCount = 103
DesignCapacity = 5599
MaxCapacity = 946
CurrentCapacity = 944**

Health = 17%

Yeah, batteries are good for a certain number of cycles.  But not that few.

Was it part of the battery recall?  The battery is definitely trashed.

I just checked the recall and it doesn’t qualify…

The computer DOES qualify, but not the battery, even though it shows all the signs of qualifying.

I’m going to give them a call and see what’s up.


As a comparison, my Rev 1 Macbook’s battery (that wasn’t recalled) did about 250 cycles before it fell below 50%.  Now it’s on it’s way out for sure.

Do you have the Applecare thing?  If so, they’ll just replace the battery for you.

108 after more than a year ? did it live on the desk plugged in all the time ?