Re: La Cucina opening?

I was walking downtown a short while ago and strolled by La Cucina.  There is a cardboard sign in the lower right hand window that states: Opening soon
Anyone know anything about this?  La Cucina was one of our favourite restaurants.

yeah unfortunate that they closed they do make the best pizza ever  hope they do reopen

Too expensive and too avangarde for this person. Need something down to earth but I still have Pangos. Far too many pizza joints and hairdressers in this town, it seems that no one wears anything but hoodies also every street or new store has them. No body has the guts or imagination to do something different for a change.

Pricey perhaps, but, how is the restaurant avant-garde?  I don’t think the eatery was particularly experimental or off the beaten path.

yes it is opening again someone bought it at the last minute

Thanks for the reply, decker.  Wonderful news!  :smiley:

 YEA !!! good news…good luck to whoever bought it…

and is Rain closed forever too?  heard that last night was their swan song.  Any truth to THAT rumor?

Someone was telling me about rain closing but I would be careful with that one, the same thing happened when La Cucina was closing and people who could not tell one pizza place from another kept trying to convince everyone it was in fact Pizza Hut that was closing. I hope that it is a bad rumour because it is bad enough that we are losing Peglegs.

“Avant-garde represents a pushing of the boundaries of what is accepted as the norm or the status quo.” - Wikipedia

Soooo, the restuarant was too different, yet nobody has the guts to do anything different? 

I’m confused.  :smile:

Rain is closed until Valentine’s Day.  Just a winter shut down, much like Breakers.

Ah don’t go ruinin’ another Prince Rumour special

Yes, it is true La Cucina was sold…however don’t expect it to remain La Cucina.  I heard the new owners are dropping the name and abondoning the whole “italian cuisine” menu…so much for that :frowning:

maybe they’ll go mexican so we can have tacos lol

Doesn’t look like a too “serious” bit of signage … scrawled on an old cardboard box.

Agreed.  That’s why I asked on here for some confirmation.  It sounds like it is going to open.

  I did not know that Breakers is ( was ) taking a winter shutdown? when did that happen…

They do that every year. It gives Donnie and crew a chance to spruce up after the parties and all and gives the team a bit of a break ! Usually only closed for 2 weeks anyway.

The Belmont does it too.

I spoke with Donny Hansen today, and Breakers is opening tomorrow. Ted and some others are still in Hawaii for another week golfing… nice…
I also saw Charmaine from Rain, and they are enjoying their time off too, re-open on Valentines Day…
Peglegs…well they are re-opening, just not sure when…  :sunglasses: