Re: Karmas

Did I miss something here    Wheres the karmas gone to    lol

What are you talking about? I can still see them. Here… I’ll give you one. Maybe that will reboot it for you.

I can’t see them either.

Well surely I’m not the only one who can see them.


i dont see them either…

Maybe the program is distributing them like Santa Claus’ list  now, naughty or nice, only the nice folks can see theirs…

Somebody broke the karma system, and I wonder who…


:astonished: Was it me?

They are still there…I’m nice people, right??  :wink:

The Karmas are still there, but only if the algorithm determines that you are worthy of karmas.

Ya I see them work for me… sorry guys… I boo’d u all

Hey I wasn’t too far off with my naughty or nice theory, man do I feel smart… :smiley:

What do you have to do to be “worthy” of karmas?

I’m sort of glad I can’t see them. They seemed kind of, mean and exclusive to me.

What’s going on?  What do you mean the Karmas are gone???  I can see them!  Wish I couldn’t 'cause mine are pretty low, but whatever.

Problem with Karma is that when people simply disagree with you… bad Karma. When I saw how crappy my Karma was I looked back through my posts. Only fault people would be able to find in them would be based on their own opinions.

Ah well though.

No, you’re magical.

I just gave you a Karma point for that.

I always wondered about Karma as well. In fact, I was starting to believe that there was a finite amount of Karma and when someone added one to a user the algorithm would take it away from someone else.

I’m going to make that change right now.