Re: is this a grizzly?

Was taking photos in a field near my house, and saw this bear. Is it a grizzly? How can you tell if it’s a grizzly or black bear?

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:smiley: google is your friend.

I think that looks like a Grizzly.

Beautiful photo Emma!

i would say grizzly… from the color and shape of the hump  above shoulder blades although even that seems a bit small, but from the direction you took the photo the face looks longer like a grizzly…

wear do you live?

also check out my photo’s I have over 130 grizzly pics on flickr. … 594205215/

the thing about grizzly is they come in all colors like this blond…

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I’m 99% sure its a grizzly mind you i’ve only seen a dozen or so in my lifetime.

Does a grizzly bear shit in the bush.

2 bears 1 cup.

yes it is a grizzly you can tell from the face and the hump, hey years in the bush paid off who would have thunk it! :smiley:

well after downloading the photo you took emma and using my computer and some fancy software the same that the FBI and CIA use; I have changed my mind, that’s not a photo of a Grizzly but its a photo of a man in a bear suit… Don’t worry people are fooled all the time…  :stuck_out_tongue:

yes its a grizzly. the hump on the back is a sign, the face is concave (looks punched in) compared to a black bear.  You can never go by color though as there are variations on all bears color ie the white black bear.

black bear or grizzly ?

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Black bear, with his hackles up.  Ha ha.

the face is concave, would have to say grizzly

cool thanks, what about this one?

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black for sure

Circus Bear coming to town.

So the pictures I posted of the bears are one and the same. its a black bear with a brown coat this bear has been seen lots at Kasiks, I have photographed him in the sun and in the shade, the bear’s coat as you can see change color.

as for the face and ears, it is a a black bear… so too those people who knew this as a grizzly, I guess you got fooled…

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Well, I guess I’m the smarty pants, now aren’t I? :stuck_out_tongue:

i will admit, i was wong. in these pics face looks right, but the others looked different.  oh well, cant be right all the time :smile: btw, wasnt looking at fur color