Re: Ipod help

does anybody have software that will allow me to upload tunes onto my Ipod from one comp to the other?  as it stands, I can only do it from the machine I loaded the original Itunes into, and it sucks. 

You should be able to aslong as the person has itunes. Whenever i tried it all it asked was if I wanted my song list to be erased and replaced with my friends list of songs that he had on his computer. All i dd was said no then just manually selected the songs I wanted.

ya i tried that and the damn thing deleted every tune i had put in.  I’ve heard about a worm program floating around, which will allow you to go through as many comps as you want, and upload and download stuff on and off of any computer…maybe this is the stuff dreams are made of

The second computer probably had iTunes configured to automatically update when an iPod is connected.  Try starting iTunes without the iPod connected and change the settings, so that the iPod is set to manual update.

I find that it doesn’t work if you use mac and windows. But if you use mac and mac it works. Or possibly windows and windows because mac and windows run differently. Yup.

I do it with my sister’s iBook and my eMac.

I’ve used my iPod with 3 different Windows machines, all using iTunes. No problems.

Unless what you meant to ask was if you can take music from your iPod and put it on someone elses computer, using iTunes… Is that what you want to do?

what i’m trying to do is basically dlownload tunes off other people’s Itunes library.  The second I pulg my Ipod into another comp it asks me if i want to take that libtrary, if i say yes, iit deletes the one i have, if i say no, i have no access to those songs.

[quote=“JM”]I do it with my sister’s iBook and my eMac.

Ewwwww…Â Gross!