Re: Inernet Acting up

Has anyones internet been acting up recently.  Like some pages dont load unless you
hit the reload button, even running videos off sites are cuttin out

Nope, every thing is fine here.

I got an interesting call about “The Internet” from a Deputy Minister in Victoria this afternoon.
Seems he got a call from a local here telling him there’s no highspeed service at all in his area of The Fort, and that 2500 people lived there and were being denied service while the gov’t pandered to the Indians.
I guess the newspaper story about the lady in Tache who used her laptop on the new wireless system when an attacker hacked down her phone line and tried to break in relly pissed him off. Someone in California got through to the FSJames RCMP and they responded.
Now the reason I got a call is because his assistant worked closely with us to deliver highspeed internet to the very neighbourhood the guy lived in and it’s been availabe over a year. There already was wireless internet in that area since 2002, but we used this gov’t project to allow more customers and add more bandwidth and price it competitive to ADSL.
You’d be hard pressed to find 2500 people if you added everyone in the neighbourhood to the population of the Municipality!
I would normally have told the Deputy it was because the guy was STOOPID and didn’t know, but I would have been lying. People here are small and petty, I could’ve mentioned 3 names and it would have been one of them. So after a few questions, yes, the guy was pissed because he wanted Telus, the cheap local company made you pay for your installation, didn’t give a free computer away, and wanted extra if you had one system at home and another in your shop.
Assholes like that guy have literally killed Fort St. James. I spent most of the summer travelling between Vanc and here and it is booming everywhere. Turn north on Hwy 27 and you find a ghost town full of zombies. No one is in the bars. The last restaurant is now shut down (only cafes left), the other supermarket closes tomorrow. No one is even walking down the streets (well yesterday was Welfare Weds, so there were a few). This year, even at $119.9L you HAD to drive to PG for school clothes and supplies, there are NO stores left here to buy those things.
Last year all the agencies in the Bulkley-Nechako got together and figured out a tourism plan. It included building a massive website to promote tourism. They hosted it on a Vancouver server. They hired a designer from Vancouver. They offered local businesses free pages, so they wouldn’t have to pay a local site for ads. They’re promoting growth by taking away business from every small town tech company and doing it Vancouver ‘because it’s cheaper’.
This year the Fort got a grant to hire some consultant from out of town to tell us what’s good for us.
God help us all…


You do simular to this ?

I wish I could command those prices…
We deliver access where there is none. You want it, put the $$ in my hand and you’ll get it. I now lack any ambition to put another nickel or ounce of effort to benefit cheap, lazy slackers who just want everything delivered for free and then “maybe” they’ll pay for it. They want Telus because they’ve ripped off our company and the other 4 that used to be operating around here and that’s all who is left to freeload off until they’re cutoff for nonpayment.
Not that I’m being bitter but I just sold 75 ADSL customers to a bigger outfit and they’re reneging on the deal. Seems they’re unhappy that 4 months after the transfer only about 16 have paid their bills…
I’m looking for another place where I can remove my equipment to and leave this dump sucking wind with ONLY Telus dialup.
Bawww! they said it was highspeed dialup, but then I found out we’re on a phone concentrator and only get 26.4kb and it will cost me to get out of the contract. Baww if only there was someone local we could trust…

I hear it every day at my job :smile:

internet is weak , mad ping spikes constantly , god help us all.

Today I was Joe Golden. My farts don’t even smell…
Fixed error’s on one of those mysterious Linux thingies at one band office and four email accounts in another (the four I left their tech to setup after I walked him thru the 12 others…) in front of an audience in 5 minutes.
Had 6 people nearly begging to get wireless installs and 2 who told me to just build a Windows box that works and I’ll give this P.O.S. HP to my kid…
Bought a couple tubs of that stinky old cheddar that smells like month old jockstraps for $2 and 5 tins of anchovies for $6 from the store that’s closing down.
My throat feels 90% better and I actually managed smorg (no hot sauce yet).
What a difference a day makes. I might make it another week.
*Now if I could only figure out how to make my cellphone text back “of course I love ya” all by itself, I mught get to watch a movie undisturbed tonite *LOL

Cool.  What kind of e-mail servers were they?  Just curious.  Distro?  I love reading about Linux being used in business settings. :smiley:

This is the weird part: sendmail is running and it appears Novell Groupware just dumps and gets the email though it. But there are no user /home directories and no virtusertable. if0: is listed as the mail DNS…  (it was once secondary mailserver)
Otherwise it’s just a DHCP server. I was wondering how to go about getting rid of it, replace the linux box with a simple router and get the Novell guy to assign the novell box with that IP?

It’s an old Celeron 300 with RedHat 6 and I took the liberty to enable ssh on it so I can look around.

If you want a good mailserver setup checkout howtoforge for the perfect Sarge mailserver. I set up two for myself last month. Virtual domains in MySQL, Spamassasin, Clam, Quotas, everything you need. Have 400 users on one and about 150 business domain users on the other, set to back each other up on the other server. They’re also RAID 1s so you can shut down, replace a drive and reboot. If there’s a more sever problem you just open up the db backup, paste it in thru phpmyadmin and change the MX entry in the DNS box while you rebuild the other…
I added Squirrelmail to both and the users are happy, we’re happy at how easy it is to add-remove-alter names, passwords, quotas, domains.
I just need to finish by setting them to dump spam instead of simply mark it and to use a whitelist.

Thanks for the reply, herbie! :smiley:  Very cool stuff, man!  I know a little bit about Linux, but, I know Jack about mail servers and set-up.  I’ll go checkout the howtoforge site and learn some stuff:-)

Has anyone ever heard of a network adapter being blacklisted by an ISP? The russians were sending me a file the other night, and in the morning, I couldn’t get onto the internet. I could connect to my access point though, so tried reinstalling drivers, changing the PCI slot and rebooting the router using my Sony PSP, which connected to the web just fine through the same connection… Baffled I picked up a new PCI 802.11x card from staples and the web works fine now… I tried my linksys card again and it still connects just fine to the network, but is unable to get was it to the interent… Tried this on both Vista and XP yesterday, meh…

I black list and block mac addresses all day. If yuor network card is sending out bad traffic. Ie your computer has a virus we block the mac address :smile:… Till you fix your infested puter. :smiley:

Who the fuck do you think you are? None of your business if my computer has a virus, and I don’t have to fix it if I don’t want to. My computer works just fine!

Bet you heard that one a few times, eh?

Yeah that and my computer tech just looked at it and scanned it with the avg that’s installed and he found nothing. Or norton or etc etc programs. i just reply with mam/sir. Take it to a computer shop we are not turning on your service till then.  And if they say ok we want to cancel ill reply with sure. I can have that turned off right now, but be aware that the other isp will shut you down too.


Heh-heh, that is amazing! :smiley:  Why would someone want to have a virus on their computer? :astonished:

Tech Guy:  “Is your computer running under windows?”

Caller:  “How did you know my PC is near my windows in the living room?”


Speaking of ID10T’s quoata is running on our new mailservers with a 10MB default on installation. The phone have been ringing off the hook with "I got an e-mail from you that my mailbox is 80% full, I’m thinking of switching to Telus because you have no right to look inside my private mailbox."
PEBKAC all right… 

LOL :smiley:

I get the pleasure of disconnecting our compromised linux customers and billing them for cleanup. It’s really amazing how many people dont actually give a shit that their server has been rooted and just want you to plug it back in so they can host shit.

Had a wonderful one the other day this guy seemed to think it was a good idea for his php gallery application to create shell accounts automatically for everyone who signed up  :laughing:

After a good half hour of laughing i told him removing his 300 users would not correct the issue and he needed a new server.  Needless to say he completely ignored that and thinks he will get away with doing no work and not migrating to a new server.

Thankfully my replacement is almost trained and I can move into my new position and not have to deal with this people anymore. 

By the way hitest, we have about 300 linux boxes used in a production environment. We also have about 1000/2000 Virtual servers running linux (not sure of the actual count).