Re: Ice Capades Mystika

So, I really want to go to this show at the arena as I have fond memories of going to an icecapades show as a child, but something seems fishy to me about the whole thing…

I went through their website … 0337  For those of you who don’t want to waste time going to the site, let me just tell you that the BBB gave the ice capades a rating of “F”.  So, I’m glad I didn’t go through and buy the tickets!

Anyway, my point is… I still want to go to the show!  It looks amazing!  But I don’t want to buy online.  So, my question is: does anyone know if there is going to be tickets at the door?  And if yes, what price?


i think the prices are rediculous  when the sight is virtually the same  anywhere in those stands . but looks like it may be agood show with cheap seats :wink:

they have buy one get one tickets at the sally anne!
should have info on those things.

They also have them at Rainbow market and probably at PJ’s as well. Why the Sally Ann would have them, I do not know.

Don’t think they are tickets but coupons so that you can buy one get one.  I would call Mr Curnes at the rec dept … he is bringing the Ice Capades in I would think he would know about tickets.

Actually, I emailed the 'capades people, and asked if there would be tickets at the door, and if they would be the same as the two for one price…

They responded.

The response said:

Yes, and Yes.

So, there, you have it!

I was told this afternoon by Civic Centre staff that the Ice Capades have been cancelled.  :neutral_face:

This from an Email from Michael Curnes:

"With a tremendous amount of disappointment, I have just been notified that the Ice Capades have cancelled the rest of their Canadian Tour ending in Williams Lake last night and the tour will not be coming to Prince Rupert.  All four Prince Rupert shows have been cancelled.  Those who bought tickets in advance at the Ice Capades website will need to contact the Ice Capades Main Office in Sarasota Florida. I have included all of the phone numbers and addresses we have on file, including the cell phone of the advance team manager.

Garden Family Shows, N.A. Inc

c/o Niles Garden, Vice President

1343 Main Street, Suite 204

Sarasota, Florida 34236

941-487-8116 (Phone)

941-487-8106 (Fax)

941-914-0098 (Cell for Niles Garden)"

oh oh, never a good sign when you have to go and seek out your own refunds… :angry:

Well there goes another wonderful evening out and enjoying a great show…or rip off. I do know how I can face the sweet lady who was going to come with mne for the event. Well have fun getting the dollars back.

If you used your Visa to pay … you need to contact your CC company and they will issue you a refund.  I was going to get tickets … apparently they left the performers stranded in Williams Lake nice!

Geez!!!  The BBB was right!!!  Good thing I didn’t buy my tickets in advance!  Good luck everyone with getting your money back.

I think that the person who books this entertainment should investigate the methods of acquiring tickets before he moves ahead with any more events.  I was given 1 of those buy one and get one free coupons to obtain tickets and thanks to you guys on here I didn’t even bother to try.  I listened to your advice… Somethin’ fishy goin’ on… :angry:  Good Luck to all those who went through the Florida connection… :confused:

Good stuff

“I was warned well in advance to make sure we had payment before they hit the ice, which we got,” Paynton said, adding that the complex has heard stories and received several phone calls from other communities who had heard rumours about the company."


“It was typical promoter stuff”

ah there’s no business like show business…

I’ve met the guy who brings the Harlem Crowns here as well as the guy who brought “professional” wrestling here. I didn’t shake their hands cuz I was certain I would be slimed!

I called BMO Mastercard about reversing the charge for the ticket purchase…

Very simple process…  That’s a relief…

What a rip off to others who paid by cash or pay pal…