Re: i say we do as the americans and close the damn border

i say we do as the americans and close the damn border

Yeah, they should have closed the border just before your family moved to Canada.

Heh, if you want to close the border, don’t do what the Americans have done.

They take in more immigrants than Canada does (3 or 4 times as many), and they have almost 40 million immigrants (ie: legal non-citizens with green cards) in the country.  Not to mention the illegal immigrants there.

So yeah, if you want to close the borders, then maybe pick another country as a model.

perhaps i should adjust my point a little, do what the americans are ‘trying’ to do.  as a dual citizen it is even harder now to get a full citizenship there, and two of my friends that were working for the last 4 years in phoenix both had visas pulled without reason, and were given 24 hours to leave the country, so what we should do is attempt to do what the americans are doing, or at least make the process more elaborate to get in.

Any particular reason as to why you started this thread rollins?  I’m just curious.

It’s split from the other thread about the person who was removed from Canada.

to piss you off…j/k…i’m surprised it hasnt’ been deleted, seems every post i put up is now just instantly deleted…good ol’ freedom of speech.

Why would you expect freedom of speech here? These are privately run forums.

I say we should encourage more people to move to Canada.  Our population is growing by about 1% a year.  And most of that growth is coming from people new to Canada.

I think we should make it reality show based. Have people compete for entry into Canada. I can’t decide which would be better though. Do it “Gladiator” style, or do it “crazy Japanese game show” style.

Crazymike’s already said it, but aren’t you in the media, Rollins?  Or do I have you confused with someone else?

If the local paper or radio station gets to decide what they print or air, why do you think forums should be different?  For example, if Scientology wanted to print a letter about how they were really behind 9/11 in the local paper, and the paper refused to print it, would that be censorship?  Is that taking away the freedom of speech?

“Freedom of the press is guaranteed only to those who own one.” 

So nobody’s really stopping you from starting your own website and posting anything you’d like.  But you can’t go off on “freedom of speech” because somebody won’t let you post whatever you’d like on a website that’s not yours.

Anyway, all that being said – you said some of your posts were deleted recently.  Can you let me know what they said? 

correct you are Mig, i did work in radio, as somebody who is relativly unfamilliar with the rules of the internet i guess i just figured it was a free for all.  that being said, i get what your saying and will try to keep my rude comments to myself as to avoid getting you in trouble with what ever powers regulate internet chatrooms.  the last one that got deleted i put up a post saying ‘last year canada let in 249,999 too many people’ which of course was a joke, but i guess one of your moderators didn’t find it very funny.  most of what i put on here is gone within an hour, and again, i can understand why, i just like to stir shit up sometimes and take people out of thier comfort zone, which again, i guess your moderators aren’t too cool with, most people don’t like being taken from comfort, especially by a rude comment. 

Hey, that’s what the wasteland is for.  If you want to stir it up, go in there.  Or learn to stir it up and troll within the lines.

What would a radio host do if someone called up an 80s request show and said ‘last year canada let in 249,999 too many people’ – would they say “hey, freedom of speech?”  Or would they quickly cut them off?

That reminds me of a story on the Newfoundland CBC Call in show – I’ll see if I can dig it up – it was about the introduction of the delay.  That’s why they tell you to turn your radio down, because what you’re hearing is 7 or 8 seconds delayed.  Something about a guy calling up and swearing on the air just because he could.  Over and over again.    Just because he could.  He stopped calling when they got their tape delay :wink:

Sort of like HTMF when anybody could post, anonymously, without registering for an account.  Then somebody literally shit all over every post, over and over again, just because they could. 

As for the immigration thing, you didn’t answer sockpuppet – should they have let your family into Canada, Rollins?

I can’t believe they let me into Canada.

hell no they shouldn’t have, but i got in under the radar…so to speak

1.  Check the wasteland when your posts are not in the main board.  Most moderators don’t delete. They move to the wasteland.
2.  You say you like to stir shit up. Good for you.  The bad news is, it’s not original and you’re not the only one. I’m not going to name anyone but check whose posts end up in the wasteland often and you’ll know which company you are with.

It’s much more difficult writing stuff that will make people think than writing stuff that will make people upset.  Stirring shit is easy.  Especially when you have some anonymity.  What’s not easy is posting thought-provoking ideas on a controversial issue.  I know I find it difficult to do.  That doesn’t mean I should give up and go the shit-stirring way all the time. 
So rollins, you state that we should reduce immigration.  Dave posted that we should increase it.  Write a rebuttal post to his that makes sound arguments and keep this interesting discussion alive.
I know you can.  I have faith!

I must say …and I’ll go out on a limb here…AGAIN!!!  But HTMF was far more entertaining about 6 months ago.  I looked back in recent posts and the quality and thought provoking posts has been reduced.
So maybe we should all lighten up just a tad…as per transcending rats advice.
HAve a good one.