Re: I can't believe you people

You can’t post in the screenshot thread without posting a screenshot.

hey miguel have you tried posting a screenshot from your iphone?

I took a bunch, and I’ll post them in the screenshot thread.

Meanwhile, here’s one:

[original attachment deleted after 2 years]

wow is the death of good fps players.

I’ll never forget that day he took on 6 E in court yard, he looked back at me and said “Don’t worry man i’m Soulstoned” WTF IS THAT!?!?!?!


Is there a huge performance difference in FPS games with Vista?

I ran Vista on my Macbook for a couple of weeks, but it just annoyed me.  Do you guys turn off the “allow deny” stuff?

In the User Account properties, click “Turn User Account Control on or off” link and turn the useless feature off.

Took me 2 weeks since I bought my laptop to find it, and seriously this must be the oddest place to turn off that annoying feature.


BTW, WoW and BF2 runs better on my XP machine than my Vista-infested lappy (with all useless features including Aero off).

I used vista for a week or so and got rid of it, i’m back on xp pro.  didn’t notice anything with games just didn’t like it.  it’s on an older computer I have that my girlfriend uses.

I feel sorry for people that buy a new computer that comes with Vista, but are not savvy enough to figure out how to turn off UAC.

Those are the people who it’s made for…

Sad, but true. :smile: