Re: http Cloud for techies @ Friends Family,

i read a long artical about this wicked little tool, looks pretty sweet, perfect for people on the go or people who have to access files from computer all over the place.  I have seen other things like this from dlink and linksys etc etc, however this one is WAY cheaper and you can use a memory stick OR a few usb hdd’s.

I dont trust it.  Looks nifty for unimportant/unsecured data but I’d rather a secured vpn to samba share.

I’m paranoid though  :wink:

Home users will not setup a second computer for there pictures music, its secure too, uses https.

from the site,

At Pogoplug, we use best practices from the industry to ensure the security of our users’ data. None of your personal data is stored in our servers other than your email address. All of the data on your drives attached to your Pogoplug remain only on your Pogoplug in your house. While it is being accessed, the data may be forwarded through our servers, but no copies are retained during this process. Removing any or all of the content from access is as simple as unplugging the Pogoplug, the drive, or deleting the file off the drive.
Pogoplug offers fully encrypted access to your files through the HTTPS protocol. This protocol is the same encryption security that your online banking system uses to protect your account access. A link to the secure website is available on the login page if you access from a non-encrypted access, or can be accessed directly by entering in your browser’s address bar.

For the average user it looks great. Me I prefer to roll my own solution. Usually vpn and smb/http access. Though lately most of my data is on my phone. 

Network diagrams/floorplans are great to have when you’re crawling around in a roof.

I do it the hard way, floor plans are for noob’s!

run 4km of cable through a 100,000 sq ft building with no plan  and see how well that works out  :wink:

especially one with a huge sprinkler system that has 6 valves per room. Not something you want to just wing.

sure i can do that, now try doing it with 6 boxes of cables, and then have the person that does the strapping take his / her time :smile:

Smek! :smiley:
Try running dozens of 300 & 600 pair cables from several levels of a 10 story building to every floor of a six story one. When your crew is ‘helping’ the local runway rats who can’t be found most of the day without a posse of supervisors.
Then lacing it with waxed string and terminating with solder and wire wrap guns…

Then gloat. One CAT5 and a couple routers would carry 10X the data…

An electrician in PG showed me this fantastic tool. Spread the wires, insert the jack and squeeze. Punches and trims all 8 at once. Of course the supply co. was out and wasn’t ordering from that outfit anymore. Told me his company did 1100 data jacks at the new cop shop in PG.

Showed the kids this summer what the colored electrical tape was for. Wrap around box and end of wire. Grab a handful of wires and start walking, drop one at each room. Go back and trim wire and wrap same color tape as on the box on both sides of the cut. Add a 2nd wrap of white tape for the next set. Do 10-12 rooms with two pulls.

It was 6 boxes :wink: and I was doing it all myself.  Also colored electrical tape is a good idea. I had black tape and a label maker just as good.

Unfortunately for me the most runs going to the same place was 3. Pain in the ass due to all the sprinkler system previously mentioned.

I ran conduit and a pull string though so if they run out of jacks (not likely) its easy.

From old BC Tel days, I always pulled a new string along with the cable. I was always the one who had to go back a week later when they decided they wanted one more run…
Used to have a couple short pieces of conduit in the office and the guys would fire string balls at each other over lunch.
Once after an infamous stripper named Mitzi came to The Puddle, the supervisor arrived and did a snap safety inspection. Opened a locker and hundreds of autographed pingpong balls rolled out. He was pissed. She was here and you didn’t invite me? You bastards!

LOL!  Nice! I like pull strings they are good, but when there is no pull string either a ping pong ball with thin string and a vacume or tissue paper and a vacume and string work very well, especially when they are 400 feet long :smile: