Re: How to look up Prince Rupert real estate prices online

Does anyone know if there is a public record of real estate sales in Prince Rupert?

Property assessments I know are available, and real estate listings are on MLS.  But I thought I read there was a public record of any properties that had been sold in the past year.  If so where can I find this.  Just want to know to get any estimated value of my home.

I don’t think there is any such record. 

I think your best source would be BC Assessment.  They can give you all that info re. sale prices and assessment value of any property.

Reference section at the library.

BC Assessment website used to have a database lookup, but it seems to be offline now.

The “Assessment by Address” tool is only available between January and March.  BC Assessment used to have an office in town where you could just walk in and get all info pertaining a property like past sale prices and and assessment values from previous years.
I am sure that this info is still accessible, but I think you would have to contact their Terrace office or use the online tools available at their website.