Re: homicide

yet another homicide in the same year??? any one hear anything? what I had heard was that it was all for a smoke a son had stabbed his father over a smoke ?

Wow. Thanks for all the details. Nobody reading your post has a clue what you’re actually talking about. Maybe stick to the who, what, where, when, why?

Oh no it sounds like another Rinse Pupert Rumour to me and Mike is right lets figure out the W’s.

a father and son while drinking last night fought over a smoke the son stabbed his father and a friend the friend survived but the father has died the son tried to run but was caught and is now on jail. my condolances goes out the the Dundas family

Did this happen around the West End store?

Smoking kills.

I dont know where it had happend sorry. the calls stared coming in to my place pl asking us if we had heard. my mom had told me all this thismorning I know the guy that was killed was living on the east side I had seen him on the bus a few times and I know his son they used to live around where we live my daughters know the kids also he has been in and out of jail for breaking and entering in stores

So, if you are privy to all this info then which Dundas family was it ?  There are quite a few in Rupert so best to get your rumour correct, don’t you think ?  Let’s hope that’s what it is, a rumour, as that would obviously be horrible for the families…

There is truth to this rumour, I just don’t know how much of it is true. There was an announcement at the church this family is involved with this morning of the death of one and the hospitalization of the other.

why would I lie about something like this ??? the second guy is still in the hospital will be in for a few days he is bleeding heavy

I talked to a friend of there family. That talked to the guys sister, and it did happen.

Unfortunately it is very true, I would rather not mention name of deceased due to ongoing investigation but one dead and he is from a village, nice quiet man and always polite. Rumour is son is in hiding but RCMP may have more on this. I believe that the reason for people questioning the rumour mill is yes The Rinse loves rumours. Mig if you are around can you get a hold of me?

no rumor the son was caught and is now in jail I am a close friend of the family I am from the same village we are informed as to what is happening

Just got back from Haida Gwaii and had the information on the fax machine. One in stable condition and one deceased. One suspect being sought. Story is below:

One man is dead and another has been hospitalized following a disturbance in Prince Rupert on Saturday night. … 41772.html

Police are looking for Edward Dundas.  If you see him, please call 911.

Fortunately, I went to the hospital for a medical reason, and was sitting in E.R this morning at 12:30 and The Gentleman stabbed almost Did not make it. They could not stop the bleeding, he was stabbed multiple times, one Deep laceration to the cheek (may have nerve damage) one right between the jugular and color bone, one Deep stab to the chest and one to the sternum, then I believe one or two too his back, and they were worried that one could have made him paralyzed that it was that close to the spin…
  I was just leaving the hospital at 1 and a police officer came in and he had to get his eye washed out and a couple cuts washed out (((i think))) cause something about someone Spat blood in his eye trying to break something up regarding the investigation. Their was a reported 8-10 police cars looking for the “person in question”
  I was not to sure what had happened at the time, and I am soo sorry to any family in this. It was over a smoke and a case of 18 beer to what my friend had seen as she was over at moby when she heard a fight and walked to the alley and seen them screaming and yelling. She isn’t exactly sure…

I spoke with the wife of the guy in the hospital last night he is in ICU doing ok they will keep in for a few days. one of his lungs were punchured

Suspect just caught on McBride.  I called in the sighting and they caught him a few blocks down.


TheNorthernView has the story here: … 076.0.html

CFTK has identified the victim:

“The man killed in a weekend stabbing in Prince Rupert has been identified. 50 year old Randy Clifford Dundas was stabbed to death in what police are calling an alcohol-related dispute.”