Re: Holding a hot hand in the hinterlands

The old saying that the “house always winsâ€

I’m in a community sandwiched between two centers that have casinos/gaming centers and while I’m sure the goverment is happy over the profits they are making, I sure don’t see a lot of benefits for the cities as a whole. Lots of unemployment in the one city and the other casino sits in a complex with a shopping center that echoes with deadness and empty shops.
Just last night a friend was telling me about her elderly father’s gambling addiction and how he’s not the only member of her family who will ask her for money to hit the slots-being the only one with a regular paycheck, she’s getting those kind of requests far too often. As she finished telling us that, people all around the table begin to share their stories of family or friends who keep persisting in thinking that big win is just around the corner but end up at the loosing end of the stick far more often than not.

Me?? Neither place will ever make a nickle off of me-I just don’t get the attraction. Sorry but I’ve got better things to spend my money on.