Re: Herbie in the fort needs to learn Chinese

Hey Herbie, I see you have new investors coming to town…

Mackenzie Pulp Mill Under New Management

By 250 News

Wednesday, February 06, 2008 03:21 PM

Prince George, B.C. -  It has been confirmed, Sinar Mas is the successful bidder for four Pope and Talbot assets.

As part of a three pulp mill purchase, Sinar Mas of  Shanghai,  paid $225 million in cash  plus other  incentives, for the Mackenzie Pulp Mill,  Harmac Pulp in Nanaimo, and one in Halsey Oregon.

The communications company has also announced Sinar Mas has also purchased the Ft. St. James sawmill.  The price paid for that facility has not been released. 

Fox Lumber of Montana has purchased the Pope and Talbot sawmill  in Midway, again the price has not been disclosed.

Kelly O’Brien of Hubbell  Communications  says the deals will be final  following a court approval, and that hearing is set for February 12th.

I’ve been waiting to post that on my because I needed to see it in print first.
Scooped again!!!

We heard that this morning, along with the fact a bid of approx. $25 million from a local consortium came 2nd. Needless to say, we were all cynical enough not to expect the logs, the mill jobs AND the profits to stay in the Fort/Hooterville area.
But this is good news after a terrible drought, along with the announcement Serengeti mines will be drilling again in the Spring.

Be nice if we had a few Chinese people move here. I’m from East Van-Burnaby and know all 6 of them here already… :smiley:

I hope its a different Chinese group than the one that bought our mill!  :stuck_out_tongue:  :smiley:

I thought Sinar Mas was Indonesian, not Chinese.  But I may be wrong.

Anyway, all Chinese companies are owned by the Peoples Liberation Army.  So if it is Chinese, then yeah, it’s the same people who own the Rupert mill.  And the same company tht owns COSCO, and the same company that probably made your computer.

Sinar Mas is the Indonesian Company, and Asia Pulp & Paper (APP) is the China-based subsidiary of Sinar Mas.

You are 100% correct in that. I addressed it when I finally posted on

as all day I’ve heard about “Asia Pacific” (Asia Pulp and Paper has too many syllables for a local to remember) and “the Chinese” and never of Sinar Mas until I read it.

Now I have to go back and correct posts to my Yankee friends. It wasn’t the Goddam Chi-Coms who bought our mill, it was the Islamo-fascists! Working together! Teach ya to dick us over on Softwood!

Wikipedia says AP&P is Singapore-based:

Well wherever they hang the key to the executive washroom,  they do seem to like China mind you.

Their vision and values statement is an interesting tract of literature…

one not particularly shared by a few folks it seems… … 64305.html