Re: Hello Moderators!

Are the Moderators on holiday?

come on guys!!!

get rid of this shit!!!

They even hi jacked the northern view links…


Thank you Mig and Hitest.

Did anybody actually try the “report to moderator” link?


Will do that first the next time we get boob spammed.

Yeah, it sends a message to all the moderators (and to some cellphones too).

Would be more effective than actually replying to the spam. 

I missed the weird posts.  I was at the park with my 7 year old enjoying the sun.  Man, what a beautiful day here in PR.  :smiley:
You can also send a PM to a moderator if you see inappropriate posts.

Lol, I was rather amused when I saw them, to say the least.

I also find it funny how every one panicked. Big deal, the moderators would have taken care of it eventually.

What happened? I was out enjoying the rays? Was it exciting? Damn, always miss the good stuff  :smiley:

where is the “report to moderators button”?

Bottom-right of the post.

ahhhhh…its very light…thanks

As a moderator, I mostly use my powers to feed email addresses to my cousin in Nigeria who has a very lucrative proposition for all of you.

Mig, regarding this pervert and his thread this afternoon… I had no idea what to do and so I tried to get them off the screen the best way I knew. 
Had I known about the other way that you mentioned, I would have done it that way instead.  Sorry for my ignorance.