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Healthy Heart  give you special parking past the time limit passes if you are handicapped and or attending classes at the Healthy Heart. It is apparently a lot of bother to get some more handicapped spots. Perhaps city council and the moronic managers and some of the staff should attempt a) trying to access this city via wheelchair or crutches.  b) try and find a handicapped parking space within 3 meters of the builiding you are trying to reach.

I thought they started a discussion group or a Board or a Council to discuss the issues the disabled were facing regarding access to certain areas in town etc…Anyway, this group was a “think tank” of sorts to source out ideas that would make access in Rupert easier for those in wheelchairs etc.  They had this idea that we required more outdoor bathrooms but I haven’t seen evidence of that yet unless you happen to pass by the back of the museum on a warm day… :confused:  It absolutely wreaks back there…Shouldn’t they be the group that would be the most logical ones to know the logistics of accomplishing some of these changes in town…I wonder where they are now  ??  Waiting for the next meeting, I guess…Seems a trend here in Rupert  :unamused:

I know that this group got the wheelchair ramp in at the arena. Nice job. I can only say from a personal perspective (temp) that it is very hard to wheel doen the sidewalks with the curbs etc, try to get into some store enterances without help.  The statement “Walk a Mile in someone’s shoes” sure fit when I had to use a wheelchair for 16 weeks.  A totally new perspective on what some people have to go thru on a daily basis.  I think it funny that the BC Govt has said that every building must be wheelchair accessible and have a handicap bathroom stall. Have you tried to get into the Govt Agents office?

I had “heard” that the ramp had been on the “books” for a couple of years due to complaints from many parents and you are right, this is a difficult town to move around in if you are wheelchair bound or even in the awful position of trying to manouver with crutches.  I have a few disabled clients and they have uttered quite a few complaints regarding access in town.  Two of them plan to attend a Council meeting in hopes that they can have their grievances heard…Hope it works out for them, I sympathize for sure…

I believe that group was put together by Michael Curnes who is working for the city. Very busy I believe but I think most of that is on paper. The group was made up with some very dedicated people of the community and I think we should take our hats off to the main players who were picked. I do not believe there was much the city could do with what was suggested by the group and it all comes down to people climbing the food chain of life. I question how many people with disabilities who go to or into that building. I like codybear’s comment on washrooms and behind buildings. I have heard of one lady with some form of disability who will go into the bushes to relieve herself. That is a no no in the law books is it not?

Probably is …but really if you have to go and you are not physically able to access alot of places with indoor plumbing what can you do?

I’d like to see stork parking here, for pregnant women and for men and women with small children (those under age 3) It seems to work well in Prince George

At the rate that Rupert breeds, I don’t know…  :smile:

i totally agree sometimes you go in somewhere for just a minute to get milk but you park 8 blocks away and pull out all your kids. i use those spots at walmart all the time

I can agree with giving pregnant women and new fathers/mothers a couple of spots like that, but not for anyone that just happens to have kids.  Why should I be penalized because I don’t have (and never will have)  kids?

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Just sayin’ …

You’re not really being penalized by having to park a few spots farther away–or even a block or two down the road. It’s a HUGE hassle when a parent with a few kids can’t find a spot close and has to take the kids on a friggen adventure when, as someone suggested, they just need to make a quick stop at a store.

Ok, let’s make this a little clearer for those that didn’t understand. 

My opinion on this matter isn’t black and white - there are gray areas, as there are with many things that people feel strongly about.  I don’t have a problem with pregnant women using the spots, nor do I have a problem with parents with newborns using them - as they get used to all of the requirements of being parents.  What I do have a problem with is someone with, for example, a couple of kids that are of an older age (meaning, one where the kid(s) can walk for themselves) getting special treatment.

And, yes - I realize that it really wouldn’t be that much of a hassle for me to park further away and have to walk.  The point I’m trying to make is that of equality - or at least, perceived equality.  Everyone with kids had a CHOICE to have kids (except for those that were raped and impregnated, but even those have a choice to KEEP the children or not) - but why should those of us that don’t have them be treated differently? 

Having to ‘just run in’ and get something quickly from the store is the same bullshit excuse that you hear from morons taking handicapped parking spaces.  “Oh I’m only going to be two minutes - it’s ok!”  I am passionate about this issue because my sister has a physical disability and I got to witness some of the obstacles and incredibly rude assholes that she encounters throughout her life.  However, that isn’t an excuse for me to say ‘I can be an ass, my sister is a gimp!’

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Wow you are very angry…Stork parking is not handicap parking, nor should it be assumed that it is - its just closer to store doors, but still further away than handicap parking. 
Its not about equality, that has nothing to do with it - its about compassion and respect.  You’ve made a choice not have children - ok, but I made 2 future taxpayers  :stuck_out_tongue:,
I think that a pregnant woman who cant see her own feet deserves to park a little closer, or a mother with an irritable toddler (or even more than one child!) deserves to park a little closer.  As person with disabled family members you should not take your mobility for granted - so stop complaining and walk a block its not going to kill you.

You need to learn to read. 

I did not say that stork parking was handicapped parking.  One of the many tangents on this thread was made to include stork parking in the discussion (or, more simply - someone mentioned stork parking so I didn’t think it was off limits)

I did not say that pregnant women or those with small children did NOT deserve the stork parking.  I did say that if the children could walk on their own then perhaps the closer parking wasn’t necessary.  I realize now that was shortsighted - technically a toddler CAN walk on their own but certainly not to the level of an older child by not getting distracted by things that may lead them away from their parent who is trying to keep an eye on them. 

And you bet your ass it is about equality - I am quite often hassled about my choice to not spawn.  It gets tiresome, repetitive and makes me angry.  If there were true equality then nobody would give a rat’s ass about my choice.

Please don’t mistake my anger at ignorant people taking parking spots when they are not disabled for not appreciating my own mobility.  One of the reasons that I am so passionate about this is because I had a front row seat to the shit my sister had to deal with.  I am well aware that by reacting in the way that I do/did doesn’t make me any better than the assholes that blatantly trod on those with disabilities. but when something like this comes up I am triggered by the many things that I have seen her go through. 

I love it!

I guess I’m a bit thick, but I didn’t get the point of Kalieid’s post. I find it a bit hard to see as a serious reply to my original comment, and please explain why you love it!