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To the woman with the grey Neon who parked in the ONLY hadicap parking spot in front of the Ocean Center at 11:30 this morning. Even though you car had a handicap tag, you didnt have any hadicapped person with you when you went across the street to do whatever errands you had to do. Please in future have a little consideration to those who legitamately need to use that spot! The tag must be removed from the car when there is no didabled person in the vehicle. Read the rules!

This spot often get used by delivery vans too!

While on the subject,to the powers that be, with the Health Unit and the Healthy Heart program in there, why is there only one handicap spot?

Take a photo of the car and post it on here, and embarrass them.

Unfortunately, you cannot assume by the way someone appears if they are disabled or not and it is an insult to even try.  Many disabled people suffer from “non-visible” disabilities and are entitled to the disability consideration.  I, myself, am a Lupus sufferer and though I do not appear “disabled” which is often remarked upon by people, I am still considered such by the medical profession and the government.  However, that being said, I myself do not take advantage of this particular benefit but I do agree that it is abused as is almost everything that is a “benefit” to some.  I try not to accuse those that pull up at Safeway or other disability access spots of not having a disability and therefore should not have access to that spot, but I have been guilty of such an accusation also and I am sorry for it.  I do however feel that the cabbies who park in that spot at Tims, might not qualify for that classification !  And NO, they are not waiting for anyone, just getting their java…

The hadicap symbol is a person in a wheel chair. Perhapse the guidelines for handicap parking should be limited to people with mobility problems. If a person can walk normally and unassisted I dont beleieve they should take up a hadicap spot.

well shouldnt they be parking a wheelchair there  :smiley:


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well someone doesnt have a sense of humor :unamused:

I think what Billy meant, decker, is that you cannot speak (dumb) and, thus, are handicapped but, really, you shouldn’t take a handicapped parking spot because it is meant for people with mobility problems.  :smile:

ill take it as him being derogatory to me the way he said it actually . i dont take handicapped spaces as dennis leary would say just trying to lighten the thread up lol

His dumb what?

I guess we just finish the sentence ourselves…Can’t think of a thing… :wink:  !!

This whole thread has seriously become retarded.

This whole thread has seriously become retarded.

That is  CHALLENGED[/quote]

97 B-LINE:

Your handicapped placard is in the mail, you should expect it to arrive in 7-10 days.  This should assist you as you cope with living with your disability:  IFM  (internetum foruma moronicus)

I have on occasion placed a card on the windshield reading “This spot is reserved for the physically handicapped, not the mentally.”

Are you the one with the grey Neon?

Hell no - domestic vehicles = blech.

Whatever happened to those guys who used to race their Neons up 2nd and 3rd all night? Fast and Furious it was not…