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This is really starting to tick me off. For the last few days I’ve been having a bitch of a time getting connected to anything via the internet. I can’t get on webpages, can’t connect to MSN, ICQ, IRC, or anything else.

The only thing that seems to work is to reboot the computer, and then I can get connected like normal for a little bit of time, then after a while I can’t connect to anything again. When I troubleshoot with MSN, it says “Your DNS appears to not be able to resolve IP addresses” and that I can’t connect to the service due to possible incorrect firewall settings, which I’ve never had a problem with before.

I didn’t switch any settings for anything before this happened. The only thing I can think of is that I downloaded some crappy spyware or virus that isn’t showing up, or that the series of power outages we had a few days ago really screwed something up.

Any ideas?

… and in the time it took to type that… I had to reboot to send it. :frowning:

That sounds very familiar smartass. If ya look around the net, I use a program called System Mechanic 6 and it does wonders. It will fix all your security problems, thus resolving your current issues.

But first try this link on Microsoft.

[quote]Configuring your DNS server
To configure a DNS server, start the Configure Your Server Wizard by doing either of the following:

• From Manage Your Server, click Add or remove a role. By default, Manage Your Server starts automatically when you log on. To open Manage Your Server, click Start, click Control Panel, double-click Administrative Tools, and then double-click Manage Your Server.

• To open the Configure Your Server Wizard, click Start, point to All Programs, point to Administrative Tools, and then click Configure Your Server Wizard.


You used IE didn’t you? Baaaadddd!

Ewido security suite is another you could try. Use Firefox to go download it.

I have Ewido… it didn’t find anything at all :frowning: 

So what’s the deal with not being able to access webpages, but some other things still work?  I’m still getting ICQ notifies of new email, I’m downloading through torrents, and my MSN still says it’s connected, yet I can’t access any outside webpages?  Most of the time I can connect to HTMF, but sometimes I can’t.

I tried to configure my DNS server, but with those instructions, you lost me at the “Manage Your Server” that doesn’t show up anywhere. 

That “Manage your server” stuff is for a Windows 2000/2003 Server - not for Windows workstation software like XP.  You just need to make sure that the IP settings for your network card point to a functioning DNS server(s).  I think the current CityWest DNS servers are , , and - one test to see if DNS might be your problem is to try to get to a website by its URL and by its ip address - if the URL doesn’t work but the ip address does work, then name resolution is probably your problem.  If neither work, then you don’t have a DNS problem, but rather something else.  What software are you using - workstation operating system, firewall software, etc?

The ‘works for a while then doesn’t resolve’ is exactly what happens on ADSL static IPs when 2 people have the same one. No idea if you’re static though…

So I just rebooted for the 8th time in 2.5 hours… this is really pissing me off.  :angry: :angry: :angry:

Are you adsl, and does the link light go out and then come back on?

You need to narrow down the problem – is it the connection or windows?

To figure out if it is the connection, borrow a computer (a friend’s laptop?) and plug it in directly to your DSL and see if it exhibits the same problems.

If it does, then it’s a DSL problem. 

If it doesn’t show the same problem, then the problem is your computer.  Then the next step would be to figure out of the problem is Windows or something else.  This one’s easy – use a linux live CD and boot up in Linux.  If you can surf the web, then great.  Everything’s fine.  Just format and reinstall windows :wink:

Ahhhh, VMS you ROCK!  :smiley: :smiley:  All fixed.