Re: Got Rogers

Went in to citywest to get my phone reconnected.  They said I cant because i got my phone before they switched over.  They wanted me to pay all my outstanding bills for my cell, and pay out for the contract, and wanted me to buy a whole new phone. 

So I went to eastwinds and had a working phone withen 20 mins.  I didn’t even have to wait half the day like citywest takes to connect. 

East winds 2 people working
citywest 20 people working

It even came with a usb cable for my comp which i think citywest charges 40$ for

You’ve got my full attention. Do you prefer books or TV?

OMG they wanted you to pay your outstanding bill? how dare they!

Hillbilly u poor bot :unamused:

Wow. They actually wanted you to pay your bill before you run up another one? Don’t they know who they’re dealing with?

CityWest is completely unreasonable!  They want you to pay for your cel service?  Outrageous.

Next this poor village idiot is going to hate every mobile services everytime he gets a huge bill… O______O

That’s why most people like competition. So they can run up a bill two or three places instead of paying for just one…

Oh well it’s his credit going down the tubes not ours.

Bah bullshit, citywest could be just fuking him in the ass, had it happen it goes like this. Have had phone, internet and cell for the kid for years, never had a disconnection notice in 18 years always pay my bill every month. Well last nov. my teenage demon doesnt come home for a couple months and racks up 269 in overage on the phone, i call citywest and explain the phone is out of my physical control and to please temp. disconnect it until i get my hands on it, they say “nope” either you purchase a new phone and activate it or no the other stays on , so another month goes by and its $600 in overage so i say ok nuff’s nuff, i call and insist they disconnect the phone, they then instantly put the contract balance on my account of almost 2K and serve me a disconnection notice, I call and say ill be in to make a payment tomorrow I go make the payment and come home to find my phone is disconnected anyways.
      I call from neighbours to say “WTF?” and the lady tells me I havnt paid my bill in over 90 days so tough shit, I have to explain to her that they dumped 2K onto me last week in charges, it aint that i havnt paid that that is a lie, if she were to check she would see i pay every month and always have, she checks, agrees and turns it on. So other than 2K in charges for a service I  am not recieving they serve me a disconnction notice every month since and do disconnect it even though i have paid the 2K down to only a couple hundred since nov,  they disconnect me constantly almost every month, this is to a customer of over 20 years that has never had a problem ever before and they know what happened and refused to do a temp. disco on her phone the only option they gave me was buy another phone to activate or cancel the contract.
    They wouldnt help me instead they fucked me so you can pay your bill like a good boy all your life yet have some mini family disaster crop up and they will take that oppertunity to fuck you in the ass for a service they dont provide to you any longer and generally make life miserable for you and disconnect you every month as you pay it down, real nice from a small local company I will looking forward to the news of its failure, fucking pricks that  they are.

Thats a nice story ChrisJ, but did you even read billy the bots original post?  :unamused:

Welcome to the real world. Expect the same from Rogers. And Telus. And Bell. I can tell a version of the same tale for calling a scab a scab and getting a ‘contract termination charge’ …

Ding ding ding.

As an aside rogers billing is so fucked I only received my bill about once every 3 months. So i got tired of their termination notices etc, decided maybe online billing was the way to go same situation. Now I pay my bill when they send me a text saying my account is overdue which is about every 3 months.

If you think rogers is going to be better you’re sorely mistaken. -

That’s what I kept telling people, do you think they listen to me?? NOOO.

We have it pretty good here with Citywest, at least you can GO IN to the office and dispute errors with REAL PEOPLE. With Rogers you have to call in to a computer, and be put on hold blah blah blah. Because regardless of what you naieve Rupertites think, there IS NOT a Rogers office located here.

People seriously don’t know how good they have it with local services here. :unamused:

4 words folks.
Pay as you go.
nuff said.

I have an awesome plan, pay 33/mo, and get new phones every 2 years for 20 bucks.  Do you get that with pay as you go? 

edit: I need the new phone every 2 years too as I keep breaking mine by hitting tree’s at the ski hill.

Good old mike always crying about my posts with his “I’m a cutt above” with his rolling eyeballs. Got only one thing to say to you Mike, dont cry…just suck.

Cool, I never knew there was reception on the hill.

Well at least you took the time to read my post. Good job!

Screw citywest, their phones are down again for the 100th time, but my rogers cell works great.  I dont even want to pay what I owe them,  I wonder if I could get a copy of my contract with them and see if I got #$)*#)$ over some how, and take them to court.  Just cause I hate them, even more then I use to when the internet went down every 2nd sunday.