Re: got a spair $10000 for a personal supercomputer

are you a power user??need 64gbs of ram??cluster 8 dualcore opterons for max number crunching?
look no further than the new Typhoon PSC  from Tyan
check this out … _spec.html

Yes, that will be a welcome addition to my home LAN.  Very cool. :smiley:

Id like to see your avatar in a higher resoloution pic :smile: … =679&pos=0

Whoa, nice case mods! :smiley:  Excellent set-up! :smiley:

Fixed the link for ya…

That’s preeeeeeetty.  I don’t have the cash for ONE monitor like that… let alone 3.

What you talking about a lcd is like 180$ for a 17" Do what im doing save a few $$$ every cheque for a apple 30" or a pair of 20"

Computer things aren’t high on my list of priorities to spend cash on.  Actually, they aren’t on my list at all.

Okay, this is where I find out just how un-computer savvy I actually am…why would you need 3 monitors?  I see you have 2 towers, keyboards, etc., but why 3 monitors?  Are you running the Canadian Missle Defense system at your place or what?  Don’t get me wrong, it looks awesome, but a little overkill.

Power users who like to run many apps on their desktop like dual monitors.  Here’s a linkage: … 1277378924

It is good for those who do hosting and other work Me if i could id have 4 20" lcd’s i have so many windows open and doing so many things at once. SPACE = less time opening and closing windows.

heres the reason why I run 3 monitors on my pc … _Review%29

it is a little over kill but the gaming experience is worth it, and being a power user is all about overkill isn’t it?  heres a few  links to check out to see what i’m talking about
just check out the sceenshots in the review link and the list of games supported … g/list.cfm

and prey does work in ultra wide screen format, its one sweet game 8.8 out of 10 i think

get it here … merReviews

Or you can do what I’m doing… Ordering a dual dvi AGP card for my G5. I hope to see apple makes a new set of monitor… OR drops the price…

I’ll just buy another Mac mini and keep the $9300 change.
More wine! More hashish! More whores!

Well i only paid 1500$ for mine

Dual 2.0gig G5 with 500 gigs of storage with 3gigs ram and keyboard mouse etc etc… Im upgrading a few things. tho.