Re: Google street view car sighting

I got an email telling me of an odd car with a google logo and a tower on the roof, took my wife for a ride and we found it in the high liner parking lot

I wonder if they’ll do Rupert for streetview, or are they just on their way to Alaska?

It would be fun to ad that photo to google maps.

I was told it was driving around with the cover off so it must be mapping

Thats so good!! If youve ever looked up Prince Rupert on Google Earth, you see its just a digitally imposed road map of the area - not an actual view from above, at least it was the last time i looked 
Maybe they are finally putting a real view of rupert on there

I saw it today driving around town with the cover off.

Not true

they have rupert with a ariel photo its just with snow on the ground, i can zoom into where my house is and clearly see it

Yeah - I remember when I first looked at Rupert with Google Earth - the snow totally fooled me as well.  Hehe…

The third avenue west view should be an interesting thing to see, block after block of empty street front shops and wandering zombies, and hey, it’ll be a forever view until the next visit… :cry:

I seem to remember a great deal of wet snow piling up to 5 or 6 cm in a couple of hours. That was the same day google did their imaging. Snow was gone the next day.

Went down 10th East about 20 minutes ago.  Neighbour saw it in the industrial site earlier today, talked to the driver and yes they are street mapping.

That thing drove past my house 4 or 5 times with the cams going, they drove into petro can 3 times.

shoud walk by nude when he goes by then ill immortalized by google forever lol

Then maybe the third avenue closed shops won’t look so bad. :smile:


haha wouldn’t that be immoralized. lol