Re: Generate your own Brasil football shirt


If you played for Brasil, what would your name be?

My name’s already Portuguese, so it’s not too much of a stretch, I guess.

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Well apparently my name is Kildo.




Even though I entered my first name, apparently I’m good enough to be one of the those “only has one name” Brazilian stars.

Edit: Steve Eso gives Esinho, Steven Eso gives Esaldo.


Anyone notice a pattern yet


hitest…morphs into:

Hita :smiley:


Hey that is the first one that doesn’t have an O at the end.


Ending in O = male, Ending in A = female :wink:  Well, generally speaking.

Then there are the diminutives, like ‘inho’ and ‘ito,’ etc.

Esaldo is awesome, as is Esinho. 

Oh, and the ‘o’ is pronounce ‘ooh’ not ‘oh.’   So it’s Eee-sin-ny-ooh.



I could live with that.


How about this one?  Paul-paaça da Guia


Your Brazilname is “Bigtheto”.


Your Brazilname is “Kisco”.


Mine is Tinho Santos.  Weird.