Re: Gabe McLean and wife are closer to closure after sentencing

A lenghty jail sentence for a man responsible for the deaths of three men on the island.

one being former rupert resident alex mclean…

Alex was a good guy…just got messed inj the wrong crowd during a period of his life. … urder.html

“currently serving a prison sentence for first-degree murder in the killing of another man in 2004 because the man embarrassed him in public.”

Simply wow…I think he had an anger problem

quote author=mcsash 

one being former rupert resident alex mclean…

Alex was a good guy…just got messed inj the wrong crowd during a period of his life.

I question the quot about Alex and I remember him when I went to Booth always pickin fights use to bug me and other girls. Was a good hockey player but with no respect. Why does people lie when one is dead. He liked trouble an causeing trouble.

It is nice to see justice served in these situations, did he get life and if so then he will be out in ten most likely. What ever happened to Alex’s girlfriend, I met her here once with Alex. … story.html

hopefully gabe and dorothy have closure , as well as christina i knew her years ago i hope with this it helps her to move on if she hasnt yet.


As this family is grieving perhaps we should not speak badly of their son.  I have never met this person, if I knew him I would either say something nice about him or say nothing at all.  Another reason why I think this forum should be shut down permanently.  It is doing so much damage to so many people under the guise of free speech.

He is gone.
Let’s show some respect for his parents who are still here.

Anyway…I was a good friend of his. At times he really did have his moments that I am sure he probably had some regrets about. Sometimes there is more to a person that what they present to people around them. If you took the time to get to know him he had another side to him that was so gentle and kind. As a female friend of his I always knew that I was safe with him. He was the kind of guy who would never let a girlfriend walk home alone. I am glad to hear that Gabe and Dorothy now may finally have some closure. I can not imagine what they have been through.

I split this topic because I  think that when someone opens a thread about a deceased person, respect should be shown to the surviving family and friends by avoiding turning the discussion into a flame war.  I am not going to tell you what to do but I will make the editorial choice to send offending posts to the wasteland.
Mcsash’s concern seems genuine and I think he was right to express his hope for closure for the family, no matter what their son was or wasn’t.

I share his view and hope that the McLean family and their friends can now go on with their life with some feeling that the one who took away Alex’s life will not be able to do horrible crimes again.

I don’t believe anyone is on this thing to hurt Gabe an wif , as I said in other post why does people lie because one dies. Mom and dad knew he got in troble like many kids. I think he pissed the guy off and he was killed for it. Gabe and wif have lived with this for years an the court took long.

After that of course you’ll turn your attention to Tim Horton’s, Cowpucino’s, The Crest, The Belmont and Breakers, not to mention Safeway, Overwaitea et al, where of course no one ever talks about events around town.

Oh no! Somebody said something I don’t like on the internet! Shut it down!

Good post…thank you.

Even though we dont see eye to eye on alot of things…I appreciate your post…Thank you

I knew this guy funny stories good and bad. Always a smirk just about when he starts swinging. And i know his mom, lets hope this starts the healing…

R.I.P. Big Head…