Re: External site stuff

I’m going to be testing a new feature this week.  A couple of external sites will be used to make posts here on HTMF.

Podunkian has agreed to host a forum here based on his blog. is going to replace our wanted / for sale section.

This is all just testing, and I’m not sure if I will keep it or not.  Sort of a proof of concept for another project I’m working on.

I feel that with the new stuff, the front page of HTMF needs to be bigger.

Yeah, I might make the “recent topics” thing a bit bigger.

Ok, so I’ve reorganized the front page a bit.  It will now list the latest topic per board…  I’ll leave it like this for a bit to see how well it works. 

I got rid of the list of forums below, as it was redundant. 

Also, you should see the “new” indicator next to new posts… I think.

The list below may not be redundant, if there’s no tree at the top to access them…

Yeah, you’re probably right…  If there isn’t a recent post in a particular board, it won’t show up on the most recent topics list.

For example, the TV & Music boards aren’t showing up there…

ok, I’ll put the full list back below the latest topics.  Copy and Paste :wink: