Re: External hard drive 500 GB

MiG and I were talking about external hard drives.  This seems like a good deal.

I cant believe thats for real…Its crazy!

they always dump discontinued stock. And advertise great deals if they only have 3 of…

Do you think it’s discontinued Herbie?  This is a 500 GB.  It’s not on LaCie’s site.  Also, it’s usb 2.0, not Firewire.  Wouldn’t it be preferable to have a Firewire? 
And what could you ship to me from your store that would be comparable?

HI Big thumb I use two usb 500 gig external drives on my media center pc for capturing tv and movies, never had a problem with missed frames… I hope that helps

Theres a 500GB unit a Costco for around $189-$199 last time I looked. The price is suspiciously low…
we make externals to order… but you got me at a bad point. I’m down in the LM seriously considering yanking the rug from under our store.
I’ve been writing off $10K a year as bad debt in a town of 1500 for the last 10 years… ppl here have money. Just did 2 repair jobs for $200 apiece and was thanked extensively. Used to ppl who expect to pay $20 for a Windows re/re.
Can’t help you.
Will suggest for that price, try to buy it. Just don’t be surprised if ‘too late - all sold out. But we have another model in stock for $199’ pops up when you try.

Are you thinking of opening a new business in the LM or starting another one in the Fort, herbie?  Good luck with this!  Great to hear people down south appreciate your expertise! :sunglasses:  Best wishes! :smiley:

Costco, is the best place to get computer stuff like external hard drives, they are cheap but if they break they just exchange them. I like the one that others are talking about. It’s a Western Digital one touch, nice units and quiet too. … =C&topnav=

thats the one I saw in PG Costco.
Toying with doing computer work out of my home only for “show me the money first” people who will pay their bills.
The overhead bookwork, remittances is killing me. Can’t afford to hire a replacement, can’t make a day 50 hrs long to do all that shit and the work myself.
Would love to hit the LM with a mobile shop in a Dodge Strider van, can’t fix onsite, fix it in the van and bring it back. Rent/housing here is a killer, I’d end up living in the damn van… :unamused:
Also takes an hour to drive two blocks down here. It’s INSANE. When I left here rush hour ended by 6:30 and the traffic jam stopped by 176. Now it crawls all the way past Sumas Rd and rush hour is anytime not between 1 am and 4 am…

Sounds like you have the case of Shitty work sindrome, time to pack up and leave and start over man, sounds like you have a few good ideas. Start a really small shop of your own, have your services mobile.

Here is a link that just showed up on THG, for reviews for this topic, … ge_tested/

Great idea. I have a day job but also do pc repairs out of my house, its the greatest I love it, make your own hours and have access to kitchen and tv while you work, cant beat it.

I ended up buying the Western Digital My Book 500 Gigabytes.  Now I have to use it.  My computer drive is nearly full so I will transfer a lot of stuff.  Any advice before I start transfering?

Upgrade to 10.5 and turn on Time Machine. 

On a Ibook, WOAH! slowness.

Id upgrade the laptop hard drive if possible too.


Nah, it’s USB 2.0, it won’t be too slow.

im using an 500 gig USB 2 for back up purposes, and its fast enough, its fast even for caping TV Shows and video editing with HD video…

I ment the OS 10.5 running slow on a ibook.

I have it running on a G4/800.  It’s faster than Tiger.

That 500GB is $159 at Costco now. They had about 40 left in PG store. No one else has anything comparable in stock.