Re: Election Results

From the Prince Rupert City Website:

(also on Channel 10)

5% lower voter turnout than 2005…sigh…voter fatigue is a dangerous thing.

Well, I wonder if it’s a case of people no longer living here, but still on the list?

How is the voter list generated?

Yeah, why is it taking so long?

Ok, results coming in now.  Refresh if you don’t see them.

He’s not in the lead anymore, but it’s very close.

tony will stay :frowning:

Is there any results from the Port Ed election yet?

It looks like many of the incumbents will stay on.  Disappointing!!!  This was really a chance for change.

Where can we review the results for all the areas? … hoisin.asp

and (if it works again): … nfobc.html

yeah very sad  :frowning:


I wonder how on Earth did Kathy Bedard managed to keep her Prince Rupert council seat in such a long time despite owning a city property AND NOT even living there??? O_o

just goes to show how uninformed the voting public really is…how sad that the rest of us have to suffer from their stupidity…just wait till the prov election… :confused:

So here’s my prediction:

Councilors -

Sheila G-P
Joy T
Nelson K
Anna A
Kathy B
Gina G

We are now “The Typical Americans”…

*No offense to the Americans…

BTW, the biggest change in BC civic politics is in Vancouver, where it seems Gregor Robertson’s Vision Vancouver will be dominating the city council.

I didn’t vote despite being eligible to do so, partly because I didn’t really follow Lower Mainland politics besides issues such as homelessness and the $100 million bailout. I would’ve voted for Peter Ladner as mayor and Raymond Louie as one of the alderman, but also I think Gregor Robertson would be a good mayor too.

Whatever gave you that idea? :unamused:

Interesting how there was a strong vote for change with AnnaA and Garon looking like they’re in but yet a large number of voters wanting to elect incumbents.  Looks like a bad case of plumping.

AnnaA’s popularity and her cause caught fire on HTMF so that makes me disagree with that comment. 


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Based on the freezed-up shoddy flash presentation and the half-dead CivicInfo.BC.CA


BTW, it seems people up there didn’t hate Kathy Bedard enough…

I should buy a voodoo doll (yeah, there’s a voodoo doll shop in Richmond) and stab it from now on…

No need to post screenshots when you can post the live results: