Re-Elect Mussallem

As I was driving down McBride St today I noticed a sign to “Re-Elect Jack Mussallem”.  As I recall during the Federal Election Campaign a couple of years back there was some questions regarding Mike Scott’s signage and how they had “Re-elect” on them as well.

I’m not complaining about it but I’m interested to see what some of you think.

Yeah that did cause a kerfuffle back in the day, was seen as a sneaky move by the Reform candidate…

I tend to go with the idea, unless your an incumbent of the past term you really probably shouldn’t claim the term re-elect…

Though perhaps as the Mayor isn’t running himself, the term thus becomes open for claim, by both candidates… guess that could go for a few of the would be council candidates as well

Mike Scott was elected in the Skeena riding, and then used the “re-elect” signs in the much larger Skeena-Bulkley Valley riding, to which he was never elected. On top of that, he was running with for a different party when he used the “re-elect” signs.

Using “re-elect” when you’re not the incumbent is a little bit sleazy, I think.  But at least Mussallem was actually elected to the same position that he wished to be “re-elected” to. 

Did Mussalem lose an election?  In my opinion, that should be when you drop the “re-elect” bit.  That should be reserved for an incumbent.

Yeah Jack lost to Don Scott, so uh, I guess then this means that Jack needs to get the yellow paint out… :smiley:

Yes this is correct these signs or sign should be have the proper wording, Elect Jack  Mussallem. I have not seen any signs for Don as of yet but then again there has not been too much out there period. I am still waiting to hear when the All Candidates forum will be happening. Sure wish that I had the health in place then I could put my re-elect sign up…lol

Heh-heh, yes, yellow paint is required.  It makes me smile when I see the term re-elect beside Jack’s name.

I just think it’s funny that the sign is at the funeral home! It makes me laugh every time I see it.

Re-animate Mussallem for Mayor!

I think all the disagreement with putting ‘re-elect’ on a sign is just a tad OCD.  It’s up to the public (IMO) to make an informed choice when it comes to voting, so if you (collective) haven’t done the research on who you want to vote for - which, IMO includes finding out when candidates have served in the position they are running for - then that’s the fault of the public. 

While on some level I agree that it’s a little underhanded to put that word on the signs, we have to remember that these people are politicians.  Some are more sneaky/slimey/used-car-salesman than others, but ultimately I still feel that we (as voters) have a responsibility to inform ourselves of each possible candidate.  I have been doing that for a few days now - since we did not live here when anyone else was mayor - and I’m not about to blindly agree with those of you that were living here when either of these men were in office.

It’s like the grocery stores - how they put a big sign beside something in bright colours that says “GREAT PRICE!”  or “EVERYDAY LOW PRICE!” - it’s not on sale, but the store wants people at first glance to think it is so that they will buy it.  Is it illegal?  No.  Is it misrepresentation?  No.  The sign doesn’t say ‘sale’ or ‘save $4’ - so it’s not a lie.  It’s the same thing for those running for mayor - it’s not a lie to put ‘re-elect’ on a sign, even if some may feel that it is ‘wrong’.

Well put, Kaleid.

Even if the sign said “SALE”, it wouldn’t be misrepresentation because everything is on sale and doesn’t have to be a lower price. This was the first merchandise promotion.

I think if you check with Jim of Ferguson’s Funeral Home, he thought of storing the sign in the hopes that Jack would run again one day. I really think there is more to the election than “Re-Elect” etiquette come on HTMF!

We’re not saying this is a big election issue, maxwell. It was pointed out how much of an uproar there was on HTMF when Mike Scott ran for with “re-elect” signs–he was running with a different party, in an altered riding, and was not the incumbent.

Thanks Eccentric …I only read the last page of the topic.  I once again retract my comments. Have a good day : :sunglasses: