Re: Editing blogger template: I want it wider

I’m trying to get the main content section of my photoblog to go wider so I can post bigger photos.  I have a basic understanding of HTML so I can more or less follow along if you explain how to do this clearly.

Anyway, if you think you can help, check out the photoblog (address below), look at the source code, and tell me if you can see how to make the main content section wider.

Oh yeah, and if you could subscribe to my blog’s site feed or put a pin in my Frappr map while you’re at it, I’d be eternally grateful!

Okay, maybe I should give an example of what I’m looking for.

Take a look at this site: and notice how the main body for text and pictures stretches almost all the way to the left side of the window.  The sidebar is more or less the same size as normal.

Now take a look at my photoblog: and notice how the main content section is a mere fraction of the width of the window.  As such, the pictures I put in there are all quite small.

I want to be able to put MUCH bigger pictures in there, so I want to increase the width of the main section of the blog, while keeping the sidebar the same as before.  How do I do it?