Re: Don't smoke em if you got em

So it’s bad enough that we’re supposed to be conserving natural gas at the moment, but sheesh according to the folks gathered around the fire trucks on Third avenue today at nnon today, one of the local restaurants there allegedly left their gas open all night, thus requiring the fire dept to attend and vent the place out.

Just a bit more excitement for the town that likes to live on the edge…

The LNG line down between Terrace and Rupert seems to be an annual occurrence. I wonder what the operating cost difference between electric and gas heated water is… Especially with the natural gas prices these last few years.

I heat my house, run all my appliances, and my hot water tank are all electric and i am at a monthly bill of $90 a month
so i can say electric is a whole lot cheaper then gas

Yeah thats nice for you, but every person will be different depending on where they live. Not every house is as efficient as the next. I have both in my house, so at least when the gas goes out I can take a hot shower and if the power goes out I may stink but I’ll be warm. :smile:

$90 is cheap. That’s about what it would cost in July for that old trailer I used to rent. $250 - $275 mo in the winter.
And guess what, the scablord’s put new plastic siding on it, boosted it to $775 mo and has it listed for $89,000
Guess everyone can dream, eh?

Once I started paying for my own heat, I found that 15 degrees is toasty enough for me.
Socks, and blankets.



  1. Power from mains to antenna, which is made of copper
  2. Antenna resonates at a frequency of about 10MHz, producing electromagnetic waves
  3. ‘Tails’ of energy from antenna ‘tunnel’ up to 2m (6.5ft)
  4. Electricity picked up by laptop’s antenna, which must also be resonating at 10MHz. Energy used to re-charge device
  5. Energy not transferred to laptop re-absorbed by source antenna. People/other objects not affected as not resonating at 10MHz

You just need the right kind of house.  My room in the spring/summer doesn’t dip below 24 degrees at anytime… and the heat doesn’t even get turned on from april to september :smiley:

is that for real ?

What do you live in?..thats CHEAP

I can’t speak for gas users, I never have had gas heat, only eclectic heat, but I pay about 75 dollars a month regardless if it’s winter or summer. I also have washer & dryer, and lots of electronics in the house. I know some people in winter months that pay over 500.00 per 2 months on gas plus electric bill… way too much for me, I know people who have put in electric base heaters and turned off the gas. In my house we are equipped for gas but I will never use it… 

With all that we are hearing about global warming, we need to start looking at alternatives such as heating our home with heating pumps. The cost to purchase these units are currently out of many homeowners range, but our provincial government should be provide incentives to allow us to cut down on our consumption of gas and electricity. 

Talking about alternative heating, I really think the wind generators on Mount Hays will be an eye sore to our little community, and really will there be any benefit to our electric bill?
  I don’t think so as the power that is generated is sold back to BC Hydro, maybe City gets money from leasing the land but how is that going to help us, they the city going to lower taxes…YA RIGHT…

I agree about the eyesore thing, wind turbines could be put elsewhere, but I do think windpower is a better alternative to say damming rivers and using vast tracs of land to generate hyroelectric power. We need alternatives we have lots of wind here and tidal energy!