What is with all the dog crap all over Rupert?  I know there was a topic regarding this shit…lol…but it seems to be getting worst every day.  Yesterday I walked by a nice pile of crap and someone’s shoe print was in it too.  Someone else must be pretty angry.

Is there a way to deal with this crap?  Literally.

Are the dog owners really worried that the Aliens are watching and thinking who are the real masters?

What is the excuse for not cleaning up after your pets?

they did do something they put up all those empty metal boxes that are supposed to hold baggies in areas where they arent needed

Well it smells like it’s not working.  I’m sure glad it rains here to wash all that crap away.

i get lots on the east side ny my house here think its gross but people just dont care

I’m one of those dog owners who picks up my shit. Too many seem to not give one.

That includes my two pet peeves … broken glass and cigarette butts.

But all this ties into the bigger problem of LITTER and the uncaring attitudes that cause same.

Spring cleanup seems to be ongoing in the city. I’ve noticed the great job the crews are doing around McClymont, and Morseby Park trails.

I think the official Spring Cleanup campaign starts in May. Consider volunteering.

That’s very good that you are one of the citizens in Rupert that cares for this community; keeping it clean.  :wink:  Hats off to you Soggy with your pets.  I wish there were more ppl like you around here.  Respect of this community. 

Yes I also agree with you with the garbage/broken glass and disgusting cigarette butts around town.

civic pride spring clean up is sunday april 26th , 1 - 4 pm meet at the museum .i go every year with the kids if any of you guys are going .maybe if theres enough of us we can get the inlander down  :smiley:

heres a link to see it on facebook … 304&ref=mf

Kudos to all of you who clean up after your pets  :smiley:  I have seen people walking their dogs on the sidewalks, watching them do their thing and then just walk off with no regard whatsoever…But if the proposed cutbacks in the Parks and Roads budget goes through Council at the end of the month, this town will literally be going to the dogs and the owners who don’t give a shit so we should all be prepared to really step up to the plate and do our part as they will also be cutting the budget for the Civic Pride program, I understand…But our taxes are going up…Halleleulah  :imp:

What pisses me off the most is that many times it is those people with large dogs that don’t pick it up.  All the usual bullshit excuses follow:  the shits are too big, the little bags aren’t big enough, I don’t want to touch it - blah blah blah blah!  Use a grocery bag, get over your fear of getting dirty and take some responsibility for owning a dog!!!

Ok, rant finished - for now. LOL

Oh, and speaking of smell - the smells here are NOTHING compared to when the snow would melt in Mackenzie - you knew spring was getting closer when there was that stench in the air.

My quick fix to the never ending pet owners who do not pick up their pets poo! AFter asking nicely, and having it tracked into my house and work area I went on a poo patrol. I now go behind the dog owner pick up the poo and drop it off on their door step still warm. I have a dog I pickup after my very small dog. Big dog owners in my neck of the woods did not … but now they do :smile:

did you put it in a paper bag and light it on fire when you put it on the step and ring the door bell and run ?

A well trained dog should be able to pick up his own droppings! :smiley:

That gag’s only truly satisfying when it’s your own dump. :imp:

Soooo…what if you don’t know where the person lives?  Do you follow them with the bag of shit as they walk home?

Creepy . . . but probably effective.

I know all the owners in the neighbourhood who are the ones that leave the dog crap around. I usually knock on the door a couple of hours later to make my point. I only have to clean up from that dog one time.  It is way better than cleaning it up from your kids shoes and the inside of your house!

3 new piles on 3rd this morning.  :confused:

Too funny!

I asked City Hall today why the scoop your dog’s poop bylaw was not being enforced. It is really sad that you can’t walk on the sidewalks without stepping on dog crap. Don’t get me started on the Rotary Park DISGUSTING, I was there with my kids for the Rotary Easter Hunt, and every other step was into dog poop. It is GROSS!

Because it’s too expensive for the city to hire pooper scooper enforcers. And you CAN walk on the sidewalks without stepping in dog poop it just requires being aware of where you are putting your feet. Sheesh people. I walk on the same streets as you do, I don’t see all of this poop you’re talking about. Maybe I need to look harder…

In the mean time, I’ll keep watching where I’m stepping so if, in fact, I DO come across a rogue peice of poo, I make sure NOT to step on it.


Oh and the rotary park could be having poop from numerous other creatures too. OMG DEER POOP. Oh and don’t forget those damn eagles and seagulls. It’s nature, why is it such a big deal now to have poop in nature, I’m assuming you’re talking of the wooded areas, not the man made grass areas. The grass areas should be being taken care of by the city. As well as the dog owners.

Do you see any deer owners?  Seagull owners?  Do you see people walking down the street with a deer on a leash?  I think not!

DOG owners have responsibilities.