Re: Crappy pings again

anyone else having crappy pings to the game servers since the weekend. seems to occur moslty after 6pm

and also why hasn’t citytel switched over to the fibre pipe we are still going out over the microwave

Citywest must be having issues with Telus again for this problem has been going on for weeks. At work we pay for buisness class DSL and are getting a little bit better than dialup quality. It gets realy frustrating after 3:30 when internet peeks and we are trying to run a buisness. It is starting to get on our nervs and would sure like to see a solution soon.  We have become more and more dependant on the internet for work related items it should be a high priorty to get this fixed. I also don’t need someone from Citywest to tell me to check our workstations for spyware when we run a host of AV / spyware solutions.  :angry:

The Internet is crappy for me too, and I run mostly Linux here in PR.

The problem is ALWAYS on the client’s end. Every ISP knows that.  :stuck_out_tongue:


We get shitty periods here too (fiber herer) and the only thing in common with Roopert is that eventually it goes thru Telus.
That’s what the name means. You have to tell them again and again before anything gets done.

Well, the problem has to do with the Internet being a series of tubes.

Dang…so…the Tubes must be like stale or something? :smiley:

The Internet is not like a big truck that you can just dump stuff on.

I have to echo what others are saying.

Ping times are definitely in the toilet lately.

Makes anything but web-surfing next to impossible.  And even web-surfing is sometimes painfully slow.

What’s going on?

And I just got my copy of the WOW expansion!

Citytel really sucks. Sure they have lots of staff and all brand new vehicles, but where is the high speed internet that we all pay for, and  other services that  everyone else has living out of PR. What does our account fees really pay for??? We are getting scammed. I hope Rogers comes to town so citytel is forced to fix their problems alittle faster. I am sick off all of their finger pointing. :angry:

Don’t forget the cable company they bought, that nobody in town really wanted nor were consulted about… that sucked up a fair amount of cash that might have been directed towards the telephone and internet services…

If they cant afford to povide services they alreay have, why did they buy out Monarch anyway. So they can have more of a monopoly. Do it right or not at all, you know what i mean.

I don’t know man, things really blow lately.  It is weird I can get killer downloads early in the a.m., but, as we’ve all observed things tank in the evening.

Uh, sorry folks must be my fault, I’ve been downloading old episodes of Green Acres… it’s a real pig of a speed killer… :imp:

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Pretty sad for ADSL Premium package

This is really really bad.

Has anybody contacted Citytel to see what’s up?

No, I haven’t sent hate mail to Keith yet…but…I’m thinking about it.  This really sucks, big time. :imp:

I’m trying to complete quests in the Hellfire Peninsula, and it’s all like dudewtf.