Re: Colin James

I see that Colin James is coming to town, to the Underground and as a “Baby Boomer” who loves his music and has seen him live in Toronto 4 times and his mentor Stevie Ray Vaughn, I was disappointed to hear of the venue where he would be performing. Not to complain, but I had hoped that he would have sought out the PAC, sorry, Lester, as a venue for all of us  who might not feel too comfortable amongst all them “youngins” out there. I would have gladly paid $40. a ticket if necessary as I paid to see him in TO. Well, I hope all you young folks out there appreciate the quality of a great performer and COLIN, if you should happen to hear about this, maybe a performance for us “old” folks who love you would be great, if only for  a set or two!@@!@ Enjoy the show everyone, awesome artist!!

Just because it’s at the Underground doesn’t mean it will be the same kind of crowd as usual.  $40 a ticket will keep quite a few people away, and not that many younger people know who Colin James is.  I knew a couple songs of his while I was growing up, but that doesn’t mean I’ll be going to the show.

You should buy a ticket anyways… you will probably have a good time.

I’m going.  Should be a good show.  Colin James and Craig Northey from the Odds.  Small venue.  I dislike the Underground, but like smartass said, it’s unlikely it will be the same crowd. 

Now if they had their $1 draft beer special on…$40 be damned, that place’d be loaded.

I am going to see the show.  I was also disappointed about the location, not only because of the crowd but because of the lack of space and the ability to see the show.  I went to see Trooper last month and was not impressed by the ability to see anything.  I think I did see the top of the dude’s head once, however I wasnt really interested in the show.  I only went because the tickets were a present and it was my spouses birthday so I kinda felt obliogated to go.  With Trooper though, there were people there that were there just to be there.  They did not enjoy or even know the music, they did not bother even paying attention.  I am hoping the same isnt true for this weekend. When it comes to Colin James, I wouldn’t miss it for the world.  I grew up listening to him and have been enjoying his music for as long as I can remember.  I am excited and I am hoping that those people that asked me over and over again who Colin James was do not show up just to be seen.

Okay, obviously I’ve been out of the loop for a while.  Where exactly is The Underground?  Is it a new name for an old bar or something?

Bisically all the bars are getting makeovers and changing there names.  The commercial will probly be next cuase its not safe and the floor is due to colapse.

Okay, so what did the Underground used to be called?  For that matter, what other bars have changed their names?

The Underground was formerly Bogey’s.  The new owners of the Coast Rupert Hotel, Pub, Beer & Wine and The Underground made some changes when they jumped onboard. 

Yeah, I kinda got that feeling, but being as how I haven’t set foot in Rupert for about a year (and it was still called Bogey’s back then as I recall), I had to ask.

BTW: wasn’t there a place called Popeye’s a long time ago?  Where was that?

That was the bar above Bogey’s at the time, occassionally a country bar, sometimes a rather second string strip bar.

Man that place had a slew of names, I think it was called Dillons at one point as well, in the days of country muzak…


It was Dillons just a few years ago, before it changed to the Rupert Pub I believe.  stanley?

They had an interview with Colin James on the seebeesee yesterday, and they played a couple of cuts from some of his recent albums… it was all sort of big-band, swing kinda stuff… nothing like the blues-rock that I remember from his earlier hits.

If he has added swing to his repertoire, then break out the dancing shoes, baby!

The only thing I really remember from him was that song that went “I just came back go say goodbye” and one other tune that I barely remember.  Colin James was pretty good, but he never really did anything that made him stand out above all the other blues-rockers IMHO.

You obviously don’t remember the song all that well, since the line is actually “I just came back TO say goodbye”

Another pretty common song is “Five Long Years”.  It seems to make the rounds through various sports montages on a yearly basis.

Don’t forget Voodoo Thing was a pretty good tune, Chicks n cars and the third world war also was kind of neat. As you mentioned Five Long Years, and  Just came Back we’re big hits too.

Here’s the You Tube Video if you wanna look

Yeah the Rupert Pub used to be Dillon’s before they changed their name quite a while back.  And then it was Popeye’s before that.  Not too sure if those were the only names or not.

I didn’t realize that Colin James had recorded 3 big band albums.  I thought it was just the 2, but apparently there was one released this year.  His album before this, “Limelight” wasn’t big band, it was just mostly covers.  I’m sure the shows here won’t be the big band material, considering it’s only gonna be 2 guys and 2 guitars.  Maybe a drummer?  Dunno.

The add on CFNR says “mostly unplugged”.

Oops, typo  :smiley:

Well, if they’re playing in The Underground, I couldn’t see him bringing along a full big band.  A regular rock rhythm section, maybe, though there really isn’t a whole heck of a lot of space for that plus a stage.  I’m actually a bit surprised he didn’t opt for the PAC as someone else said.  I wonder why?