Re: Colbert treads where mere mortals tremble to go

Not sure how many folks have seen the clip of Stephen Colbert at the White House Press Correspondents Dinner. His appearance has caused quite the controversy in the excited universe of American Media.

Check out his comedic Shock and Awe below. :smiley: … 83E27F.htmÂ

I watched it a couple of days ago, and I just couldn’t believe that he scored such a coup!

You can tell when he hits the nail on the head by the silence in the room.  It’s interesting that Bush actually plays along for a bit, thinking Colbert is serious.

I watch the Daily Show and Colbert every day at lunch time (it’s the only reason I come home for lunch!).  Another reason for a TiVo!

What a sad country the USA has become, when the only Television news capable of criticizing the government is a fricken comedy network.

to paraphrase the Father of all Liberal media pinkos:
Good afternoon and Good Luck…