Re: Classics done the rock way

Pachelbel Canon on electric guitar:

(There’s actually a pile of them,  just type in Canon Rock in the YouTube search field)

Story about it in the NY times:

You must be pretty new to youtube…

I just don’t sit all day watching youtube like the greasy doorknob you are! 

I’m with Big Thumb.  I didn’t hear about the Pachelbel Canon thing until they talked about it on CBC radio on Sunday.

It was on the radio?  I actually found it by looking at the videos with the most views on YouTube.  The first one was amongst the top five.  The NY Times link was an interesting read about the story.  I guess the CBC piece was similar.

Well if you did, you would meet millions of people that are better then you at everything.

Young-gay-69, what exactly is it that you’re good at?

Because looking through your posting history here, it seems all you do is prove over and over again what you’re not good at.

So tell us one thing that you’re good at. 

My Dad says that it’s obviously it’s not music or guitar, or you wouldn’t be working where you are – you’d be a star, right?

Ouch,  what a burn!  Quick, get me the ointment!