Re: CityWest Speed Problems (May 2007)

It is a new month and the Internet still sucks. :imp:

I’m not 100% sure what these numbers mean but what I DO know is that when I’m playing poker online (sucks when you got a good hand), I’ve been getting disconnected more and more in the past 2 weeks than ever.  It could be the server for the poker site, but it’s happening to me more than ever, and I never had a problem before.

at home tonight.

The ping time… look at the ping time. What are they routing you guys through anyway, mud?

Muskeg actually, tonnes and tonnes of muskeg… :imp:

I get weird results.  Sometimes they’re really great, sometimes they’re dial-up speed.

Lately, my connection has been bullet-proof.  Except for the last few minutes.  But overall it’s been ok, certainly not as great as back in 2001, but hey, that was 6 years ago.  The internet tubes are more clogged with stuff now.  The internet isn’t like a truck, you know.

I hope CityWest solves whatever issues they’re having lately.  I’m certain they take things seriously, but the inconsistency of a quality internet connection is frustrating.  Especially since we’ve seen better days – we were spoiled by Citytel, and expect Citywest to live up to the good ole days.

[original attachment deleted after 2 years]

My Telus interent in Grande Prairie has been very hit and miss the last month or so… Right now it’s alright, but for the most part, trying to browse forums or surf the web is a painfull waste of time.

I miss citytel…

Well aren’t I just zooming along as usual :S

Just for shits and giggles, what are normal dial-up speeds?


These speeds and ping times are damn pathetic. I realize all the reasons why we should be thankful to have Citywest, but damnit this is sad. I ran this at work and was getting 4 times the speeds. There are only so many tubes going out of this city, I don’t understand why one network (BC Government) can be so much faster than another (Citywest).

Do they offer “fast dialup” in Rupert? I’d be interested in seeing Speedtest results from normal dialup and fast dialup side by side!

Here’s some stats from an Ascend dialup router.  The actual connection speeds are shown (download - upload). You can see the number of rural people by their 28.8 or lower connections due to line concentrators.

I think that some of the area first nations bands might be blockading our tubes.

It is good this a.m…but…I’m sure it’ll develop major suckage this evening.
The tubes need to be cleaned. :smiley:

:smiley: i hope it stays or get a bit better…
Back up to a normal speed at the office.

this is getting real old real fast now been about what 6 months of slow speed getting slower

I should be at around 4300 down and 500 up,  and still no citywest telling us why even though most know it is because of bandwidth problems with telus

I was in Port Ed today using a Citywest cable modem.  Seemed pretty speedy, but before I could run a test on the connection, it just died unexpectedly.  I could get an IP address, but couldn’t ping or traceroute past the citywest router. 

Very weird.  I’ll try and do a speedtest from the cable modem next time I’m there…

here is mine from this morning.

It would be great if we could get speeds like this when people log-on to the network in the afternoon, evening.  As soon as people are home in the evening our connection dies.
Please Sir…we need more bandwidth. :smile:  Hello…Telus…is anyone there? :stuck_out_tongue: