Re: Citywest Speed Problems (March 2007)

Back in Rupert, figured I’d start a new topic for a new month :wink:

WoW is currently unplayable, there’s a really high ping.  I’m not sure if that’s a WoW problem, though.

WOW on Bonechewer (hosted in California, I believe) has been pretty awful for quite some time now. Unplayable for all of the Rupert folks who play on it.

And our parts guys at work are struggling to look up parts on our online microfiche.

Waiting for websites to load is painful.  I hope this resolves at some point.  It isn’t too bad this evening though. :smiley:

WoW is unplayable for most, if not all. Save for one person /scowl. Thinking it may be time for a lan party at her house just to get the fix.

Overwaitea was having troubles with credit cards etc. I know at Maverick, mine had to be swiped 3 times. /shrug. Maybe I got charged 3 times too.

Citywest still holds onto the “Telus’ problem” but they are trying to resolve it, which is good. Just wish we knew a bit more.

to vancouver

and just got off the phone with citytel and the voice msg says The Bandwidth problem has been identified by the bandwidth provider,  and the new part to fix it should be installed by friday the 16th

which means yea right maybe next week ugh

and for those playing games out of the US like me good luck LOL

to Chicago

at least my upload is finally faster then my downloads LOL

Good to know they’re trying to resolve our poor connection…hopefully soon:-)

Struggling to load the page :frowning:

It bothers the hell out of me that Citytel can’t even take the time to post a notice to customers on thier website to tell us this stuff. I know at least one employee is on these boards, I wish they would express just how frustrating this can be for people.


Wow.  This is a new low for me:

[original attachment deleted after 2 years]

Will we get a refund for not being able to use the internet until they fix things?

Edit:  Irony:

[original attachment deleted after 2 years]

WoW latency of more than 2 seconds, and this is what we get on the CityWest page:

I’m glad to see that Terrace cable customers are really important to the company owned by Prince Rupert residents.  Why is there no mention of the slowdown on the website?

Are we going to get a refund for the lack of service?  If this is indeed a Telus problem, then surely CityWest won’t be paying for the service during the downtime, will they?  Will they be passing on the savings to those of us who can’t use the service?

[original attachment deleted after 2 years]

Perhaps they subscribe to the theory that if they don’t mention a problem, then there isn’t a problem. Kind of a citywest version of don’t ask, don’t tell… 

Sent to tonight:


Lately the internet connection on my 2 Meg DSL line has been painfully slow.

I checked the Citywest webpage to see if this was a system-wide
problem, but I could only find information about Terrace cable
customers, nothing about Prince Rupert internet customers.

My specific problem is that the internet capacity has gone from about
2 megabit to about 128kbit/sec, and that the latency has increased
dramatically (more than 2 or 3 seconds to most internet sites).

This has made the internet effectively unusable for anything but the
most basic uses.  For example, it is impossible to play online games,
or to use streaming video, or perform any function that requires high
bandwidth and low latency.  Even using gmail or is difficult.

Can you please let me know why this is happening?  If it is a
system-wide problem, why are you not informing customers on your

I encourage others to send similar e-mails (if you can get e-mail to work).

If it’s a Telus problem, um… tell us.  Get it?  Tell us!  Haha!

Seriously, if there’s a problem, admit it, fix it, tell customers.
Refund for when it wasn’t working as advertised.  Simple.

Mig, you’d /cringe if you saw what my latency was on Bonechewer the last few nights.

I have successfully broken 15,000ms for 4 hours straight. I was able to sit still in Shattrah, and that is all…

I figured I’d come here though, since a few moments ago, my bar went green… I nearly fainted. Its been 10minutes and it hasn’t gone to red.

“Screenshot or it didn’t happen!” – Sir Ryan of Last

Next time your latency is 10k, take a screenshot.

Lol. Good call my friend, good call.

Or maybe I tried… and taking a screenshot crashed the internet… /ponder.

this isn’t a new screen shot, dont know when it was taken, i quit around the time Naxx came out

[original attachment deleted after 2 years]

Glad to see that despite WOW being basically unplayable right now, we’re all still trying.