Re: Citywest speed problems (February 2007)

If all you jackasses would stop using your Internet connections, mine would be fine.

you still rule,

My connection is in rare form tonight. Usually I get 206kb/s downloading from Newsgroups. Tonight? 26kb/s. Exactly what the hell am I paying all this money for again?


Has anybody complained to CityWest yet?  They’re usually pretty good about acknowledging problems.

My connection is painfully slow tonight, including just normal web surfing.  I’m trying to update a site that’s hosted on 1&1, and it’s just crawling.

Trying to play WoW.  Usual ping time is 120-150ms.  Right now it’s 2200.

I’m going out of town tomorrow or I’d be in to the offices on Monday for sure. Hopefully whatever the problem is will get corrected before I get back on Friday.

friday afternoon I had to download MDAC 2.8 from MSoft, it poured in at 738K over our SaskaTel cct. I decided it might be handy to keep a copy on our repair usb-drive, so I downloaded it again over a 4 Mb ADSL in the front. 34K…

Just ran a speed test.  I seem to get fairly good speed early in the morning and that’s when I’ll usually download large files.  My connection dies in the afternoon and evening.

someone’s DSL in Prince George… heh heh… someone named ‘default’…


wow.  Aren’t I awesome  :neutral_face:

I’m starting to think they’re throttling the bandwidth to port80 and other vital service ports and killing the bandwidth on all non standard ports. Surfing is ok right now, not “horrible” but ffs getting one Jon Stewart clip is still painful!

Limewire - Dead.
Torrents - Dead.

Without those two, what’s the point in downloading anything? The only time I get good download speeds is downloading via a IE link, like patches and stuff from FileFront.

I think those dsl reports ya’ll have are misleading, especially if they’re throttling the port traffic. Anyone know what ports those dsl tests run on?

I think it’s time we started a petition for a decrease in our cost, retroactive for at least two months and for at least the next six months. Nobody holds Citytel’s feet to the fire for this crap, their rates are giganormous and the ping and throughput is “meager” at best.

Whaddya think?  :imp:  :smiley:

Sad. $56.95 a month.

Even at best of time, ping is horrible. Throughput is never close to 500 KB down.

I complained a couple weeks ago. But realistically, what do ya do? You can’t get angry or combative…you say your piece, they patronize you or blame Telus…give you a blank stare and that’s it. Of course, you always have the choice of disconnecting your internet…that’s Option#1 if you don’t like the service.
All together my phone bill every month is $102. A few simple services without long distance and just…wow…$1,224.00 + long distance charges a year…

I have to say though, Keith does what he can. I think. Personally, I think his hands are tied by either Telus or Citywest in upgrading the line from Terrace to the “rest of the world.” However, it doesn’t change the fact that we get drilled in the bleep in cost and we still get substandard service. ARGH.

I’ve also had good service from Keith, he’s helped me when the web server became full and I couldn’t update my websites.  Agreed.  He probably can’t do a lot to increase our speed right now.  Hopefully, this will improve at some point.

A few thoughts …

If you want to complain call Greg Nancekivell, the Internet Manager with CityWest, or better yet write a letter to the CityWest Board of Directors and send a copy to the CRTC.

Scuttlebutt - I’ve been told that Telus wants to charge CityWest the same rate to connect to the Telus network in Terrace as they currently charge to connect in Prince Rupert.  That would mean that CityWest built the fibre line to Terrace for no discernable benefit (as far as cost goes.

Apparently years ago the CRTC held hearings in Prince Rupert and Telus managed to deliver full motion video etc over their microwave link to Terrace etc - so the bandwidth is there - the problem is that Telus charges an arm and a leg for the bandwidth - so don’t blame CityWest - unless you are willing to pay much higher rates for more bandwidth.

And lastly - part of the problem has been CRTC regulation of the rates.  Where there is one carrier into town, the rates are regulated (data bandwidth rates) but where there are two carriers the rates can be deregulated.  So now that there are two carriers into Prince Rupert (Telus and CityWest) competition can begin.  I suspect this will only happen when CityWest can land a large client (say Rogers) and then Telus will drop rates to compete.

I won’t say who I work for but I can tell you that even over the new fibre CityWest is charging us at least 2.5 times the cost for the same bandwidth (100MB) from Telus in Terrace - and we are about to upgrade to 1000MB in Terrace for a small increase in cost from Telus.

Curious to know the terms and prices they’re offerring in Terrace for that! I’m wondering if CityWest had to resort to a bandwidth manager, like I’m about to do.
We solved some recurring wireless problems when we found one customer with four XP users, all running default Limewire. That’s 80 wide open upload ports running at once.
And I’m sorry to ruin anyone’s sense of entitlement, but there are 20 users on that link and it ran me $1800 in bandwidth overages just in Dec. I’m not going to lose $90 a month per customer. As of Monday they get cut from 5.5 to 1 Mbit max, as of first opportunity the bandwidth manager chokes torrents & P2Ps to 32kbps (total) and 16Kbps up (total), lowest priority. Every Gig over 5 will be $8.00 extra.

I wonder who KPU Telecommunications are using for a line out? Maybe point a micrwave tower to them and go through there provider? … index.html

From a tracert it looks like they use a division of earthlink?

#1 Telus is providing internet directly from Telus, in Prince Rupert?

#2 Not gonna pay a penny more, because in my opinion, I already pay too much for a service that has not delivered what is stated.

#3 Great idea on writing a letter to the Citywest BOD’s and advising Greg of the speed/ping issues.

#4 I’d be plenty happy if we didn’t go through Telus at all. They experience regular problems throughout BC. Perhaps it’s because of their size and amount of equipment/customers.

#5 If Telus is indeed, charging Citywest an unproportionate amount there must be some clause in the providers (Telus) agreement, regulations and/or policies that forbids that type of overbilling. Perhaps Citywest should be looking into that.

#6 If they dare put download/upload caps on us (i.e: 50GB’s down/30GB’s up) in my opinion, they better not dream of slouching in the least. That’s the “one” advantage we have up here in the toolies, no limit on how much we can download. Caps mean to me guaranteed bandwidth “ALL” the time and great ping.

Time to check my Daily Show download and see how many years it’ll take for the remaining 800MB’s to get here  :laughing:

Re #1 - no Telus does not provide internet services in Prince Rupert - they are just the carrier of data services to Prince Rupert - and so any ISP pretty much has to purchase bandwidth from them.  A lot of this is tied up in CRTC regulations regarding the local telco etc.

Re #5 - I think CityWest has complained a number of times to the CRTC - and building the fibre line to Terrace was thought to be an end run around the Telus monopoply as a carrier to Prince Rupert.

The other “problem” is that in the grand scheme of things CityWest is small - and so things cost proportionately more since there is little economy of scale.