Re: CBC Podcasts

The CBC has expanded its Podcasting capabilities quite a bit. They announced today a wide selection of CBC Radio programming available for download to your computer or portable player.

For those that miss out on the likes of the Current, As it Happens, DNTO and such you can now download and listen at your leisure. There is even a BC regional podcast that reviews the stories of the week across the province.

You can check out the list of available podcasts and get more information from the link below. :sunglasses:Â

I also heard about this earlier, and I’m fairly interested. It’d be sweet if they’d podcast the Simple Seán episodes. I listened to it a bit last summer and loved it, but I don’t get along very well with tv and radio schedules, so podcasting’s perfect for me.

Cool. I will tell my Yankee friends to check it out. They have some weird idea that CBC is a communist station, but after all these years of the Vinyl Cafe I can’t recall hearing:
One sunny winters day, while seagulls beat their wings against the icy Atlantic winds, Dave slipped the envelope in the blind drop behind the statue of John Cabot for his friend Maury from the Soviet embassy…

My brother’s been telling me to check out the Vinyl Cafe, but it’s on on Sunday mornings, which for me are reserved for settling into the first few hours of an all day hangover.

If you can find CBC Two on your cable FM dial (or sat dish) on Saturdays, you can listen in to the hangover free edition of Mr. McLean’s folksy tales at 10 am.

You can apparently hunt it down on American Public Radio at various times and days through the week.

 Not sure why the CBC dosen’t stream this one like it does Cross Country Check up. Also one would think that podcasting this one would be a natural addition to their podcast list.

Oh well, guess its decisions like that help them make the Big Money in TO.Â

They also stream Radion 1 and 2 live on the website, right?

Yep they stream radio one and radio two live and also offer their project Radio three on their podcast service as well. They also broadcast it on Radio Two overnight on Saturdays.

Radio Three is kind of a cool little thing, lots of new and experimental music that surely won’t see the light of day at your local private AM or FM station.

Some of it’s pure dreck, but other times there’s some pretty neat tunes coming at you.Â