Re: Budapest Riots - March 15, 2007

The other day was the anniversary to the failed revolution against the
Habsburg empire (War of Independance, 1848-1849).

It was a perfect excuse for the Hungarians to get on the piss and
cause some trouble.

I got tight to the Police Line, avoiding the water cannon but managed
to get a good whiff of the Tear Gas.  These are the pictures I got: … =516734408

I’ve got some videos of the deal too… Just have to figure out how to upload them.

Water Truck herding the Rioters down the street…

And exchange of Tear Gas and Water…

A standoff on Erszébeth körut

The man on the speaker is saying something to the effect that “Anyone wearing the Press Vests will not be harmed, but everyone else is fair game”

And I’m guessing you didn’t have one.  That was pretty gutsy to take those pictures that close to the line.  And I like the one with you in front of four officers.

So was there a point to the demonstration?  Tell us more.

Tear Gas sucks we experienced it at the academy and I think I like pepper spray more.

I certainly did not have a vest, but who’s going to beat up a Canadian?  :wink:

I felt very safe, so close to the line.  So long as you stay behind the Water Truck you’re good to go!  I only had one burst of Mace sprayed at me, while the Policeman laughed, but I laughed back (politely) and he left me alone.

A big “Köszönöm szépen!” to the Police helps when posing in front of them.

The Demonstration was basically a continuation of last September’s uproar agains the Prime Minster who had a tape leaked with him saying how much he lied to the Hungarians to get elected back into power, and how much money the Country really doesn’t have…  But to be fair, it was mostly a bunch of Nationalists (and drunkards) looking for an excuse to get on the piss and cause some trouble.  It was basically a party on the streets and everyone was invited to wear a Black Hoodie and Cargo Pants.