Re: blasting

anyone else out there feeling a little shakey . this blasting has been goin  for 2 weeks now… is anyone else feeling this… i understand the port is getting built but with all this blasting is there going to be an island left after it .2 or 3 times a day is getting to be a little much…my home shacks everytime… how is your foundation doing . its nice to see in the paper  how long this is really going to go on for… we re the last to now anything

I believe they are blasting for the new Acropolis Manor up behind the old Acropolis Manor. 

Can you imagine how the people in the Hospital feel?  No warning before they blast! :astonished:

I’m pretty sure that they’ve been using the warning siren, but you can’t hear it (the siren) from inside the hospital.

I’m positive they can’t hear it in the Hospital.

My wife works in the hospital.

Yeah, yeah, that’s what I meant… you can’t hear the siren, but you feel the blast :wink:

What is the Acropolis Manor?


Old folks home/assisted living next to the Hospital.